Learning Why Countries Fly Flags! Independence Day Kids Project

by Rashmie Jaaju on August 14, 2010 · 19 comments

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A very happy Independence day to all my fellow Indians – in India and around the world :)

Festivals and special days – like – the Independence Day, Father’s Day or Children’s Day have always found a special place in our art and craft schedule!

Though we never plan in advance for what we will do for the festival, Pari and I always know that we WILL do some related art and craft. Mostly, it’s on the spur of the day. Last year, we had done some fabric painting on her Tshirt in the colours of the Indian flag. In the bargain, we renovated her old plain white T shirt.

This time, when she came back from school, I told her to gear up for a special art and learning fun in the evening for the run-up to the Independence day (tomorrow -15th August).

I thought, instead of doing something in the routine tricolour (Indian Flag) theme (not that it’s not fun!), why not tell her about the significance of a flag. So, we started with what is a country (in a more elaborate way that she had known until now), why a country flies flag, what is a National Anthem, about India’s independence, what it means to be free – to be independent.

Then, I went on to read some fascinating facts about the countries around the world from an awesome book which is a part of “I Wonder Why” series by Grolier publications. Such facts as – the biggest country (Russia), the country with most people (China), the highest country (Tibet), which dress (the Indian saree!) has no stitches, no buttons or zips, where (Scotland) do men wear skirts and many more stories are beautifully illustrated with lucid, informal words and interesting examples.

See pictures of some pages from the book:

We then moved on to the ‘doing’ part of the project. I asked Pari if she would like to draw and colour flags of different countries. And, as usual, she was pretty excited about the idea.

I have got a collection of business cards that are of no use and yet, I have held on to them since years thinking I will reuse them for any crafting project.

And voila! This was the time to reuse those waste cards. On the opposite side of the cards – that is – on the white space, I sketched the flags for Pari. I suggested a few countries and a few others she chose. So, India (ofcourse!), U.S. (she chose because she’s been there), Brazil (I suggested to her saying Vitoria Aunty – my dearest friend – is from Brazil!), Australia (she already recognized the flag from her school books), China (she knew this as well) and some other countries – Pakistan, Germany, Jamaica, Canada.

This project was great not just in terms of the learning, drawing and colouring but also in terms of observation and attentiveness that it developed. For some flags, we went to the laptop to google the image and take note of the colours and pattern. I noticed that when Pari moved from back from the laptop (which was at the opposite end of the dining/drawing table) to drawing, she retained the details in her mind. Infact, corrected my on some occasions saying there were so many stripes in that flag or it was light green and not dark green and things like these.

I would have wanted to make a book cover or a collage or a wall mural with these flags. But Pari had other ideas. She wanted to stick a post to each and plant them in a planter! I went out looking for some sand the next day but could not find. Finally, dug out some soil from our flower pots and laid in a small shallow ceramic tray. Pari planted these flags in the tray and called it a ‘Flag Garden’! Hmmm…! Pretty creative, I would say! What do you all think?

And this pic has been clicked my my budding lil photograpger – Pari :)

I would love to know about your Independence Day art and craft project with your kid.
Or, your own. Yeah, why not?

I often crave to have my own art time as well. But, these have become a rarity last few years…I really hope that I can squeeze in some art time for my own sake. Amen!

And, that day will be MY Independence Day! :))

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