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Writer’s Workshop for Kids and Teens

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5 Senses Writing Workshop for Children

An Interactive Creative Writing Workshop that Will Inspire Young Writers to Breathe Life into Their Writing. 

In this workshop, the young writers will feel encouraged and inspired to be fully alive to their 5 senses; connect with their feelings and write as if they were chatting on paper.

Duration: Each workshop will be 2.5 hours long. I’ll conduct the workshop for two age-groups. 6-9 and 10-13.

Payment: Rs. 500 per child for a workshop.

Date, Time:

6-9 age group: Jan. 27 (Sunday), 2 – 4:30 PM

10 – 13 age group: Feb. 2 (Saturday), 2 – 4:30 PM

Venue: *Shiksha Bharti Public School, Sector 9, Dwarka, New Delhi

*I’ve chosen this school as merely a venue for my workshop (due to its airy and spacious classroom plus a safe and sprawling campus.) It has, however, no affiliation with my workshop.

More about the Workshop:

The workshop opens with a 5-senses interactive experience during which the young writers learn how to observe, experience and articulate like writers.

They learn the important (but difficult) concept of showing not telling.

They go on to appreciate and learn the value of keeping writer’s notebooks. They learn to comb through and dig their writer’s notebooks for ideas to expand on.

They learn to use juicy, energetic and electrifying words to make their writing come alive.

Above all (and very important) the young writers get an opportunity to read out their writings to a live audience (the group itself) and get constructive feedback from the facilitator (Rashmie).

The entire experience is open-ended (rather than instructional), collaborative and hands-on. The focus is on the child to explore, experience and enjoy the art of writing rather than being taught how to write well. The emphasis is on the child to connect with his imagination and sense of wonder and put that into writing.

Writing, which is generally seen as a task, when done in a text-bookish way, will not only become fun and playful but also a reflective experience in this 5-senses writing workshop.

Why Just One Workshop? You might wonder, how can one workshop turn a child into a wonderful writer? You’re right. It cannot, for writing is not a skill that can be ‘acquired’ in couple of hours. It’s not like a cake-baking class that you can learn – more or less – in just one sitting. Hnece, ideally, I’d like it to be an engagement – an ongoing interaction with a set of kids who I meet once every week – for at least 8 weeks.

But, I’ll leave that for you and your child to think about after your child has taken one workshop with me. If you’d be interested, I’d love to have an ongoing engagement. In March, I’ll announce ‘the Writer’s Workshop Engagement’, which will be a series of workshops that will explore writing using various themes. More on that later.

Register now for the Jan. 27 and Feb. 2 workshops:

To register for the specific age-group, just send me a mail at rashmiejaaju [at] gmail dot com. I’ll have limited seats per workshop. So, book a seat for your child at the earliest. You can make the payment on the workshop day.

* If you’re not able to send your child after booking a seat, please let me know in time so I can offer the slot to another child who’s interested.

Workshop Material: Please send your child with a spiral bound notebook and 2-3 pens (multi-coloured if possible). I’d recommend getting gel pens rather than ball-point pens. Or, if your child is comfortable with pencils, then do give him/her pencils, sharpener and eraser. Also, it’ll be wonderful if the child can purchase the notebook as per his/her liking. (makes a BIG difference!). The size of the notebook is important to the extent that it should be comfortable for the child to handle as well as to write in. Hence, it should not be too small or too big/bulky.

About the facilitator: Rashmie Jaaju

Rashmie is the author and creator of the creativity and learning blog called Mommy Labs (www.mommy-labs.com). She also writes for many national and international web-based publications.

Rashmie has a Masters Degree in Advertising and Mass Communications from the reputed Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. She has worked for over a decade heading Corporate Communication, Internal Communication and editorials for companies like Britannica Encyclopedia, Sapient Corporation, Beehive Systems.

Not just a writer and a communications expert, she’s also an artist, photographer, nature and wild-life enthusiast and an avid traveler.

Rashmie unschools her 7-year old daughter and believes in the natural ability of the child to learn by following his or her interests, when given a supportive and enriching environment.

More than anything else, Rashmie loves the written word and its ability to paint a picture in the mind’s eye. The fact that the written word can be powerfully visual, is an amazing realization. This realization makes Rashmie want to make love with writing. For, with what you write, you can make your reader feel aroused, invigorated, touched, and energized by the sheer force of the feelings that words can evoke. Consider this – words can weave a story that can change a life or many lives even!