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Are We Listening To What Our Children Have to Say?

John Holt quotes on learning Mommy Labs

“Listen respectfully” – that, I think, is so relevant for parents, teachers and care-takers who are around young children. I’ve found that we grown-ups are ever so enthusiastic to tell them, show them, share information with them – with the intention to ‘feed’ learning.

If only we would be more keen on listening to what THEY have to say, we would be nurturing a great deal of natural learning.

Listening with patience, listening with respect, and listening genuinely – nothing can substitute all the learning and bonding that can happen this way.

This article questions the worth of Early Education and says: “dialogue — especially with parents — is how kids grasp even the most abstract concepts such as religion and history.”

In this article, I’d shared how a frank and friendly conversation between Pari and me motivated her to write a movie review – at 10 in the night!

I would love YOUR view on this quote.

Also, are you able to create the time, energy and motivation to listen to your child as much as you would like to?

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