Illuminate Your Soul – Nurture Your Highest Self (Inspired by the Kadamb Tree)

by Rashmie September 2, 2013

I’m actually feeling illuminated as I completed the 30-day artful journey yesterday! Not sure I can find appropriate words and ways to express my feelings but I’ll try….I made 30 paintings in the past 30 days; bonded with and closely understood dozens of trees; soaked the music of nature and the songs of birds, and […]

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A Nest Built With Love – The Golden Oriole on the Silk Cotton Tree

by Rashmie August 31, 2013

Today’s art reflects all that a home is and can be – not merely a place but a person – with a tender, caring heart; a lively, colourful, and creative nature; and a warm, welcoming soul. This home – the nest – can never be empty – for its residents will keep coming back, no […]

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The Aura of a Yogini (Inspired by the Java Fig/Willow)

by Rashmie August 30, 2013

I’ve been doing some yoga for years now but am no where close to being a ‘Yogini’ and reveling in that state of enlightened bliss and aura. I sure want to get deeper and deeper into the yoga practice but more so after my baby’s birth for I cannot do many of the yoga postures […]

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There’s Music In Nature: Don’t Open the Door to the Study (Mango Leaves)

by Rashmie August 29, 2013

My day begins in the balcony where I stand and gaze into the open sky and listen to the sounds of the birds and breeze and leaves. There’s nothing more soothing and pleasing to the senses than soaking in these musical notes. Today morning when I woke up, the birds were particularly more sing-songy and […]

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“Whatever You Are Looking for Can Only Be Found Inside of You” (Rubais of Rumi)

by Rashmie August 28, 2013

Well, this is what every book of mine looks like when you open it! Yes, you’ll find leaves pressed between every other page. Leaves from yesterday, from weeks back, from months and years back. And, every leaf has a story, a memory associated with it, which gets treasured along with the leaf itself. So, no […]

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Sufi Whirling Dervish – The Beauty of Rumi’s Poetry and the ‘Buddha’s Coconut’ Leaves

by Rashmie August 27, 2013

When I listen to this soulful song (do listen to it – it’s divine music), I feel a trance descend over me, and Pari breaks into a dance – most graceful and elegant. This song also inspires a spiritual rising within that wants me to do the Whirling Dervish – the meditative, spiritual spinning of the […]

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Kundalini Awakening: Inspired by Rumi’s Poetry and ‘The Tree of Heaven’ (Ailanthus excelsa)

by Rashmie August 26, 2013

This Day 24 leaf art has left me enlightened – despite the fact that I had to be content without colour, with a black and white sketch. Again – due to lack of time, and some important personal commitments. The rising of the Kundalini or the 7 chakras that I have portrayed here – I’ve […]

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The Deep Pull of What You Truly Love: Rumi Inspired Leaf Art (Frangipani)

by Rashmie August 24, 2013

The Day 23 leaf art is inspired by the soulful poetry of Rumi, again, and – the leaves and flowers of the Frangipani – Plumeria Rubra. I’ve done Frangipani before - Plumeria obtusa - but this one’s a different variety whose leaves as well as flowers are unique. Day 23 was quite a challenge in more than […]

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Dance of the Soul – Inspired by Rumi’s Poetry (and the Pomegranate Tree)

by Rashmie August 24, 2013

I started the Day 22 leaf art pretty late in the day – around 10 PM, and thought I’d keep it really simple – just a leaf, may be. But, the scenario changed quickly. As I was reading Rumi’s poetry, those thought-provoking, powerful and soulful words of wisdom were creating a stir within me. So […]

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An Eternal Journey – Colours of the Universe: Watercolour Leaf Art (Pilkhan Tree – Ficus virens)

by Rashmie August 22, 2013

Today’s art expresses the universe of my imagination – its resplendent, luminous, flamboyant colors; its infinity that encompasses the earth – with its greens and blues, the sun, the cosmos, and its eternal journey in time and space. Really, our celestial space makes me wide-eyed and wonder-struck. That’s the reason the night-sky fascinates me and […]

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