I Want: A Small Home But Bigger Space to Grow Our Food (and Hearts)

by Rashmie January 1, 2015

A small home with a real large space (yard space) to grow my own food – this is what I’m dreaming of right now. In the meantime, we’re doing what we can with the space/soil in the yard we have. Trying to grow in the Goan monsoons  (July, Aug, Sept, Oct) was a steep learning […]

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Unschooling Means Saying “Yes, And” to Life (a post by Mommy Labs’ Reader)

by Rashmie December 28, 2014

(a story related to this dead butterfly on the beach is on Pari’s blog) I’ve often written about the Learning Connections we make in (and, due to) our unschooling life. But, rarely have I written about the unique human connections (lets call it UHC) we make in our unschooling life and all that we do […]

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Why I Won’t Put My Baby in a Stroller (Plus, Soul Ring Slings Worldwide Giveaway and Review)

by Rashmie November 18, 2014

I can still feel the softness of my baby on my body! I’ve just now come and sat at my laptop to write this article – after cozying her into sleep. I nursed her first and then carried her in both my arms with her body close to my chest and my face touching hers. […]

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Celebrating One Year of a Wonder-filled Life!

by Rashmie November 9, 2014

There was no cake, no candles; nothing else that might be testimony to a first birthday. Yet, it was a beautiful birthday celebration for Sufiana, who turned one on November 2.  Avie, Pari and I discussed a few ideas for how to make her day special and then we all agreed – unanimously – given […]

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Mandalas, Mantras and Motherhood

by Rashmie October 29, 2014

It was our first Diwali in our new home in Goa and obviously we were very keen on creating memorable moments that would last a life-time – ours, and possibly – our children’s. We cleaned and uncluttered the home, made art, decorated many corners, cooked delicacies, clicked pictures, lit candles, diyas (clay lamps), made rangolis. […]

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How Reading Aloud To/With Your Child Can Be the Best Moments in Mothering and Learning

by Rashmie September 24, 2014

I was reading aloud to Pari (my 8.5 year old) yesterday morning – Maupassant’s short story – ‘Two Friends’. That book – a collection of short stories by the greatest short story writers ever – O Henry, Guy De Maupassant, Saki, Chekhov – has been on my shelf for more than ten years now. I […]

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Art Heals: An Introspection of My Mom’s Life

by Rashmie September 9, 2014

It was a beautiful – and powerful – sight for me. My 65-year old mom and my 8.5-years old Pari sitting at the same table and making art. Pari does art often, that’s not unusual. But, convincing mom to do art was not so easy. And, I’m glad I did so, for those two hours […]

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How a Mother’s Curiosity Can Fuel a Child’s Learning

by Rashmie August 26, 2014

“We are mostly teaching what we need to learn. We also teach best what we most need to learn” Recently, I came across those words of wisdom (above) from the book Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah (by Richard Bach). That line was shared by Kiran Gulrajani – on the online […]

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Why I Am Breastfeeding Exclusively (almost) My 8-months Old

by Rashmie July 8, 2014

Eight months it has been been since Sufiana came into my life. This journey of being a mother, all over again, to a tiny being (but an evolved soul) – since Pari was born eight years ago – has been the most uplifting experience – at a spiritual, emotional and physical level. And, of all […]

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Cultivating the Soil of My Soul and the Soul of My Soil

by Rashmie June 28, 2014

(pic by Pari) This patch of land that we’ve found in our new house in Goa has kept us enagaged. Actually, ‘engaged’ is not the right word. We’re hooked to it. For, every free moment of the day that we find goes into preparing the soil, laying the beds, sowing the seeds, keeping them safe […]

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