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Making everyday-food had stopped being fun for me in the past few months. The sweltering heat is one reason. But other than that – not having enough time to tinker or experiment makes it a mundane activity. And, I’m someone who gets bored easily. I need a challenge to keep myself motivated.

So, first thing I did recently was to convert the tiled kitchen wall into a space for jotting down ideas for breakfast, meals, snacks, beverages. I have a marker pen there so I can jot down whenever a unique idea or a food combination pops into my head. Not just a unique idea; even the regular fare that may erase off my absent-minded head!

Have a look at the picture of my ‘Recipe Wall’. And check out how to Banana Roti with Minty Coconut Chutney. Kids won’t be able to resist it, that I can assure you of. :-)

Having this recipe wall has allowed me to have a huge list to refer to without having to rack my brains over “what to cook”.

I don’t really use it to plan meals as such. (I’m not much of a planner anyway; in any aspect of life!) I just use it to run through options. And whenever the mood strikes, I stand there for a few minutes to see if I can introduce a new flavour or taste in an old recipe or tweak it to make healthier. I love reading and researching about healthy food and natural alternative to medicines.

Even Pari and Avie contribute to this list – either with their own ideas or with suggestion for something they might remember eating at somebody’s place or in the restaurant.

So, today, I share one of my favourite dishes from this recipe wall.

And, I can safely say that most (if not all) kids will love this. Pari does :-)

I’ll share the recipe for this dish in two parts. First – the ‘roti’or the bread. And then, the chutney or the dip.

Banana Roti: The Recipe and the Story!

The story: this is something I ate first at my in-laws place – right after our wedding! She made it for breakfast – tentative if I’d like it or not. But wait, I absolutely LOVEd it. I couldn’t wait to take the recipe and be at her side everytime she made it over the next 10 days – before we had to return to Delhi (they stay in down South in Karnataka). Ever since, a week doesn’t pass without me eating my favourite banana roti.

Besides its appealing flavour and taste, its so gratifying to know the nutrition packed in a single roti and the dip.

Read the ingredients that go into making it and you’ll know why I’m raving about the nutrition value.

For 4 people:

  • 4 ripe bananas – mashed
  • 1 table spoon of molten jaggery/ molasses
  • Whole Wheat Flour – enough to knead the bananas into a dough
  • 1 teaspoon cream (malai)
  • A pinch of salt


ideas for kids breakfast

Place a pan on fire and add mashed bananas, jaggery, cream and salt. Stir it for less than a minute.

Add flour – a little at a time and mix. Take the pan off the flour after a minute. Let the mixture cool. Then, add some more flour if needed – and need it into a dough.

Roll the dough into ‘rotis’ and cook them the Indian way. I like to apply some homemade ghee (clarified butter) on the roti.

Homemade ghee, unlike butter or even store-bought ghee, has many benefits for the bones, brain and overall health.

Mint Coconut Chutney or Dip:


  1. Coconut – half – grated or diced
  2. Onion – half of a medium sized - chopped into big pieces
  3. Mint Leaves – 8-10
  4. Green Chilly – as per palette (can avoid). Note: Sweetness of coconut will dilute the effect of chilly. Using one or two adds wonderful aroma without making the chutney hot.
  5. Cumin Seeds – just a pinch.
  6. Salt  -Half Tea Spoon or as per taste
In a small pan/skillet, add a few drops of oil; heat it and then add the onion, mint leaves, green chilly and cumin seeds. Saute till you can smell the distinct aroma.
mint coconut chutney dip vegetarian south indian food
Then put all of this into a grinder along with the coconut, salt and some water. Grind it to a smooth paste that’s not too thick and not watery either. It should be a dip-like consistency.
mint coconut chutney dip
Serve the banana roti with this green minty chutney. The sweet aromatic banana bread and the hot, flavourful dip complement each other perfectly! If not with this roti, you can enjoy this dip with your regular bread as a spread. Or even with Pita Bread instead of Hummus – for a change.

Like I mentioned above – about the nutrition value – this meal is packed with iron (from jaggery), calcium (from both banana and jaggery), potassium (from banana). Plus – mint leaves cleanse blood, eliminate toxins.

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Can there be a better start to the day for the kids as well as for us?

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