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Unschooling Provides Choices, Flexibility and Mind-Space

choices and flexibility in unschooling
Into the 5000 years old Pandava caves going over the stories from the Mahabharata; in the flea market examining old coins, spices, antique furniture, carved wooden blocks; at the wholesale vegetable market admiring tiny Chinese oranges, at an ancient church over a hill-top watching the sea-scape hundreds of feet below, in an oldest Portuguese house listening to the 80-years old lady narrating stories from the bygone era, in a stream of fresh water floating dry leaves, by a lake-side watching migratory birds and wild flowers….

and then back home each day to take a break from exploration to make the yummiest and healthiest salad, to watch some old Hindi and English movies, to write letters to family, to make some embroidered greeting cards, to write a 3-page long letter to Santa Claus – unschooling truly allows us the time, space (mind space), energy and flexibility to do what we want to do, when we want to do. It allows us to be ourselves and stay in tune with the seasons – the seasons of our heart and body and also in tune with the seasons of the place we live in.

Some pictures from the past few days of our learning by exploring:

learning by  exploring

At the Mapusa Friday Flea market



IMG_20141225_192151Arvalem Caves

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