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A Turquoise and Gold Upcycled Kitchen Shelf Brings Alive Our Nautical Goan Home!

upcycled DIY saree curtains bohemian breezy house

In a previous post, I shared our upcycled saree curtains and referred to that queen bed which has propagated many lovely pieces of furniture. We’d dismantled that whole bed with the help of a local carpentar, extracted three wall shelves from one portion of the bed. The bed itself was broken down into two singles, which we’d painted earlier – in a shabby chic, distress style (pics below). I couldn’t wait to do something different with the wall shelves. So, here’s the rest of the post, see for yourself…

Ever since we’ve moved into this blank new home with white walls, it’s been a delight to decorate it bit by bit. Some new stuff, some upcycled stuff – never before did I have an opportunity to do up a space in this spirit. The fact that the house is well lit, well made (in terms of architecture and fittings) is an additional boost to do it up. The fact that there’s a wild wild forest adjoining the backyard and it’s there to see the moment we walk into the house, is a gorgeous feeling.

handmade upcycled home

Right from the beginning, sea-green, leaf green, yellow, mustard and other similar hues have evolved consistently in our process of decorating the space. All of us have leaned toward a breezy and vibrant look and feel.

Furniture in distressed look or solid raw wood; vases with ferns or dried herbs, shells in mason jars – I looked up on the net to find how this style would be defined by the experts. They say, our style of home decor is defined somewhere between nautical and modern farmhouse decor. When you walk into a home styled this way, you’ll likely feel transported to a French provence.

hmm…now I know why a guest recently commented that our home reminded her of Pondi! (Puducherry or Pondicherry). Pudducherry, as some of you may know, has a distinct French flavour in its architecture, atmosphere and vibe, for, it has been a province of former French India.

turquoise saree curtain

These saree curtains almost blend with the forest behind!

house decor in breezy, mediterranean light hearted look

Keeping that nautical (we’re in Goa after all!) spirit at heart, I decided to paint these wall shelves turquoise – to synchronise with the dining chairs in distress look. But then, to add a special touch, I thought gold rims and some artwork with gold paint would be perfect. I wasn’t wrong. That gold made a world of difference!

So, here’re some pics for you.

upcycled headboard wall shelf in turquoise and gold

When you’ll see the pics of this shelf being painted (below), you’ll realize what a transformation it is!

upcycle headboard into kitchen wall cabinet

Couple of pics of the shelves in making (being salvaged, really!)

DIY kitchen wall shelf1

Our terrace had turned into open-air studio during those furniture painting days and weeks! And, now with the monsoons in action, this space is mostly flooded! But, hey, that forest behind – it’s coming alive in glorious green hues with every shower.


And now some close-up views:




Leaves pop up everywhere in my scheme of art, without intention. Leaves – they’re just so embedded in my sub-conscious! Leaf art (the 30-day challenge) and some more leaf art (the pregnancy saga continues and culminates here!)


All the stuff waiting to go in…

upcycled furniture farmhouse nautical decor

The distress-look chairs! I think they’re one of the highlights of this living/dining area. (We have an open-plan kitchen).

There’s much more to be done. Especially on those bare white walls. Our artwork, pictures, old calendar art, mirror curtains that we’re making, wind chimes, drift woods, branches that we plan to paint – all these knick knacks will breathe life into some of those dull and life-less corners. The walls will start talking to us. But, we’ve to keep patience, for quiet time (to make) comes in small parcels….

And, here are the single beds (extracted from that one queen bed – the same bed we carved out these shelves from) I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

single bed in distress look

More pics of this handpainted upcycled bed and another one on Tinker Earth (my daughter Pari’s blog).

Truly, our nest built with love. (revisiting this Golden Oriole painting from the 30-day leaf art series).

What is your home decor style? 

Is there anything that you’re eying right now to upcycle? Do share the idea. It’s always fun to discuss such topics. :-)

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  • Kamal K M June 15, 2016, 6:25 pm

    Excellent ! Appreciate the creativity and the zeal that came out of the little ones who helped you complete the elegant designs on the cupboards . Further , have you taken any course in interior designing ? The outcome looks nothing less then a professional brain behind it .

    • Rashmie June 18, 2016, 1:08 am

      Kamal, what a delight to hear from you on my blog! Yes, the little ones are always chipping in. Pari’s my constant partner in all creative endeavours. If it was not for motherhood and especially for our unschooling journey, I don’t think I would have had an opportunity to dabble in such diverse activities.
      About interior designing course – no, nothing like that. But, I’ve always been interested in decorating indoor (and outdoor, if I get a chance!) spaces. :-) So glad you like it and thank you for your kind words. :-)

  • Sunita June 15, 2016, 10:24 pm

    It is truly beautiful!! The gold is fantastic on the blue. And of course because we are always overlapping, I have to tell you that I have bought a very similar blue with the name “Cool Aqua” to use for repainting some walls. At the moment, my plan is to put it with reds, oranges, and yellows. When I close my eyes, I see all these colors dance together in my mind! Thank you for the additional inspiration!

    • Rashmie June 18, 2016, 1:11 am

      How exciting that you’re painting the walls. And, what vibrant colours! Well, painting walls is another thing I want to do. Never done that, can you believe it!

      PS. I’d love to see pictures of your painted walls once you’re done. :-) May be you can write another article for this blog, share some pics along with a tutorial on how to paint indoors. :-) But then, hey, just an idea. No pressure of course :-) I know you’re in the middle of a huge project.

  • Probhita June 22, 2016, 9:01 am

    Just absolutely gorgeous!! Fantastic artwork from you and Pari! I love the look! Can’t wait to visit and view in person!

    • Rashmie June 30, 2016, 12:09 am

      hey, hey, look who’s here! What a pleasant surprise to hear from you, dear Probhita. Come home soon :-) Can’t wait to meet you. Hugs :-)

  • Aravinda July 5, 2016, 5:09 am

    Ah how delightful.
    Love the chairs! And the vase – what is in it? Perfectly complements the shelves on the wall behind the table.

    You are indeed talented and it is generous of you to share the story behind the paining with us here.

    • Rashmie July 14, 2016, 1:49 am

      Hey Aravinda, how nice to have you on my blog! The vase has some dried seeds of a plant. Glad you liked reading the story behind the painting project. Not sure am talented or not but I’m always looking to learn a new thing and try a new DIY project. :-)