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Day 16: Positive Affirmations Leaf Art (Inspired by ‘Putranjiva’ or child-life tree)

positive affirmations leaf art journaling

It was a packed day. I had just a few minutes to dedicate to my leaf art today. So, though the art is simple, I loved spending time on thinking up the positive affirmations that I want for my soul. It was quite a meditative process that let me connect deep within. I loved this process.

Besides, I loved that Pari sat next to me to do her own leaf art. She chose two leaves – the Kaniar and the Ashok and what she came up with is so lovely and cute!

Check out the rest of the post to see close pics of the positive affirmations and to take a glimpse of Pari’s art. And, of-course – the beautiful leaves of the medicinal tree – the Putranjiva or the child-life tree. It’s also called the Lucky Bean tree.

So, first up – here’s Pari’s leaf art.

kid art leaf journaling natue

She was immersed in the process, listening to her favourite music.

kid art leaf journaling

And, after she finished those ‘Kaniar’ leaves, she asked for the Ashok leaves that I had pressed in my diary. Since I was doing my own art, I wasn’t so inclined to get up and leave my flow. So, I said, “why only Ashok, you can draw the Putranjiva leaves that I’m doing.” “But, no, Mamma, I have an idea that can only be done with the Ashok leaves – those long ones.” Okay, well then! I Do have to get up and go find her leaves!

When Learning Comes from Within:

What a shining example of ‘learning’ this is for a child! All these days through my leaf-art challenge, I’ve never asked her to do with me. But, I always like to discuss the leaf with her, take her help to identify in the field guide or on internet and definitely seek her opinion on my art, colours that I can use, how to use the negative space etc. And, she participates and contributes with much delight. I can see how valued she feels. And, whenever she feels like, she joins me for nature walks, does her own art if not leaf art and like today – decided to draw those specific leaves. When learning comes from within, there’s no stopping, isn’t it – as compared to “you must learn this”, “you have to learn this”.

This is what I LOVE about our journey through natural learning or home-schooling, where learning is not locked up in text books. It happens by living in the real world every single moment; where learning needs no scheduled time, place or curriculum.

kid art nature journaling

And here are some closer views of my affirmations, if you’d like to read:

I am….

I seek…

I choose to see….

Things will work out for me…..

positive affirmations art

I unfold….

leaf art journaling

I choose to be….

I follow….

leaf art putranjiva positive affirmations journaling

I let go of…..

positive affirmations for motherhood

Talking about Affirmations, the Prolific Living blog has a list of 100 positive affirmations for every day and every situation in one’s life. And, the way they’re written, only Farnoosh Brock can write in that poetic, artistic way. Must-read.

And now, for the beautiful, medicinal tree that Putranjiva is:

According to Trees of Delhi, it’s a handsome evergreen tree with long, drooping branches bearing dark, glossy leaves. Lacking conspicuous flowers, the attraction of this tree lies in the grace and geometry of its foliage.

Trees of Delhi - Putranjiva

Though it’s native to moist evergreen forests, it does surprisingly well in Delhi. It if often kept clipped down to form a beautiful, dense hedge.

putranjiva child-life tree

In traditional medicine, the leaves and crushed stones of the fruit are used to treat colds, fevers and rheumatism. The hard stone-like seeds are strung together in rosaries and necklaces worn by children, to keep them in health and ward off evil.

I loved the beauty of this tree and her leaves and am grateful for today’s inspiration.

Would you like to share ONE positive affirmation that you want to reinforce for yourself today? Go ahead. I would love to read more affirmations and spread positive vibes.


Did you get to see my yesterday’s leaf art – Gaia, the Goddess Earth? Doing this art, helped me connect with my own self that’s in the process of healing from my previous birth experience, in the hands of callous medical staff. But then, it’s been a learning journey. And, am glad and grateful for the gift I got – my Pari.

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