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A Nest Built With Love – The Golden Oriole on the Silk Cotton Tree

Nature Leaf Journaling Silk Cotton Tree Golden Oriole Bird Watercolor

Today’s art reflects all that a home is and can be – not merely a place but a person – with a tender, caring heart; a lively, colourful, and creative nature; and a warm, welcoming soul. This home – the nest – can never be empty – for its residents will keep coming back, no matter where they go – to soak this warmth and love.

And, I painted that bright yellow bird – the male Golden Oriole – to portray how the male of the family can help build and nurture the nest. I deliberately painted the male of this species also because I wanted to express my gratitude for the partner that I have – my hubby  – Avie – who like this bird has totally supported me in nurturing our home and its environment.

Even though I feel somewhat shy and hesitant as I write this publicly….but well….today’s leaf art, I dedicate to Avie – my soul-mate, my friend and the best father Pari (and our new one!) can have. He’s not in town these days so he doesn’t even know (yet), what I’ve made, but it’s a gift for him for gently supporting me all along this past one month.

Read some more about the bird and the gorgeous Silk Cotton tree (Semal). And, check out some fun and creative nest crafts to make with children.

The Silk Cotton Had My Memories Refreshed!

I feel very satisfied with how they Silk Cotton flowers, the Golden Oriole and the other components of the painting are so in harmony. The idea/vision of the nest came in much before I started the art and that’s when I decided that I would paint a tree with prominent flowers. I recently spotted and clicked a Silk Cotton tree but without flowers (as March is the flowering season).But, I had pictures (and beautiful memories) of this tree from years back when we lived in a house that had a Silk Cotton tree shower its bloom right onto our terrace!

How lucky I was! Pari was born in that house… :-)

Here’re two pics from those years – Silk Cotton in Bloom, and the Pari girl blooming in my arms…!

Semal Silk Cotton Flowers Delhi

Mommy Labs

Golden Oriole – The Handsome but Shy Bird

Indian Golden Oriole

This is the second time I’ve painted bird in the 30-day series. The first one was this – ‘If Leaves Evolved Into Birds‘. But, I found much more satisfaction in painting this Golden Oriole because I was trying to capture the bird as it is – with all its minute features, colours, shape etc. Being the overtly curious mind that I am, as I was painting, I was also reading up as much as I could to know more about the Golden Oriole – its habitat, nature, food habit, eggs (they are speckled) etc. And this specific fact appealed to me – Both parents take part in nest and brood care, defending the nest against intruding birds such as shikras and crows.

Golden Oriole Bird Art Journaling Watercolour painting

If you’re into birding or wanting to start learning about birds, these are the books/field guides to look out for:

For those of you in IndiaThe Book of Indian Birds – by Salim Ali (I’ve got one and I can vouch for it!)

For all (irrespective of geography) – Nest The Art of Birdsby Janine Burke: Part natural history, part folklore, part exploration of art and aesthetics, part memoir, a beautiful book that will appeal to bird lovers, readers of literature, and art lovers

And now – some amazing stuff – do you want a nest for yourself – like a bird’s nest?

A California artist – Jayson Fann – builds mammoth, magical bird nests!

Jayson Fann Mammoth Bird Nest

(Pic Source: Grind TV; Check out many more nests built by this artist. Awe-inspiring!)

About the Silk Cotton Tree

According to Trees of Delhi, it’s a towering, deciduous tree capable of reaching 60 m, but seldom more than 20 m in Delhi. cultivated in Delhi avenues mainly for its voluptuous, waxy blooms on March.

The leaves of the Silk Cotton (Bombax ceiba) are palmately compound with 5 (sometimes 6 or 7) leaflets on short stalks of their own, radiating from the end of a long common leaf stalk. The smooth leaflets feels like rexine.

The flowers are large, showy, usually scarlet but can be coral, turmeric, pale yellow or even white with 5 fleshy petals bent backwards.

Nature Leaf Journaling Silk Cotton Tree Golden Oriole Bird Watercolor

Bird and Nest Crafts for Children and You:

And here’s my Day 28 Leaf Art: The Aura of a Yogini. Do have a look and share your thoughts. :-)

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  • Manish September 1, 2013, 12:41 pm

    Your vision behind this has been rendered so beautifully indeed – all elements in the picture seem to be in perfect harmony with one another, just how a home should be :) I really liked your thought behind portraying the male of the family.. and wow – this bird is gorgeous! I don’t think I have seen one so far.. Will check more about it from your Salim Ali book now..

    BTW, those two pictures (of the tree and of you and Pari) brought back lovely memories of those li’l Pari days! look at her expressions! hahahaa!!