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There’s Music In Nature: Don’t Open the Door to the Study (Mango Leaves)

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My day begins in the balcony where I stand and gaze into the open sky and listen to the sounds of the birds and breeze and leaves. There’s nothing more soothing and pleasing to the senses than soaking in these musical notes. Today morning when I woke up, the birds were particularly more sing-songy and that’s when I got the vision for this art. And, the way I’ve been devouring Rumi’s poetry these days, his words and thoughts on music were already on my mind. So, the two have really come together to lend me artistic satisfaction.

As such, music is an essential part of my day and Pari’s, and we listen to all sort of music from different cultures and regions. In this post, I’ll share some soothing music that you may like to listen to in the morning, at bed time or when you’re working. Also, check out more pictures of the art.

Rumi Music Art Quotes

These words by Rumi are expressed in such simple words but reflect such deep wisdom, don’t they.

 Today, like every other day, we wake up empty
and frightened. Don’t open the door to the study
and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.

I’m not sure how many of us open the door to the study and start reading first thing in the morning, but we do open the door to the internet to check e-mails, facebook updates and Twitter streams. If only we would spend some quiet time listening to music, or being in nature, many of our modern-day woes and stress would reduce.

Leaf art journaling Rumi Poetry Quote

Some beautiful music that you can meditate to or listen early morning or bed-time.

Nature Music:

What’s your favourite music that relaxes and soothes you? I’d love for you to share some links/suggestions below.

Zentangle Art Rumi Music Poetry

Yesterday’s Leaf Art – “Whatever You Are Looking for Can Only Be Found Inside of You” (Rubais of Rumi)


Leaf Art from Day 1 to Day 23:

Day 1: Inspired by Saptaparni Leaves

Day 2: Inspired by Gulmohar Leaves

Day 3: Inspired by Banyan Leaves

Day 4: Inspired by Peepal Leaves

Day 5: Inspired by Yellow Bells

Day 6: Inspired by Jadi Leaves – Ficus amplissima

Day 7: Inspired by Kassod Leaves – Senna Siamea

Day 8: Inspired by Kashmir’s Chinar Leaves

Day 9: Inspired by Frangipani Leaves

Day 10: Inspired by Kaniar (Bauhinia purpurea)

Day 11: Inspired by Ashok Leaves (Indian Fir)

Day 12: Self-portrait – Inspired by Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) Leaves

Day 13: The Story of Mulberry Leaves, Silkworm and the Indian Flag

Day 14: If Leaves Evolved Into Birds (Karanj or Indian Beech)

Day 15: Gaia – the Goddess Earth (Rai Jamun leaves)

Day 16: Positive Affirmations Leaf Art (‘Putranjiva’ or child-life tree)

Day 17: Elements of the Earth (Inspired by the Shaving Brush Tree)

Day 18: The Dreamcatcher – Inspired by Neem Leaves

Day 19: The Scent of Gratitude – Inspired by Maulsari (Indian Medlar)

Day 20: The Story of Shabari and Ram – Inspired by the Ber Tree (Indian Jujube/Cherry)

Day 21: An Eternal Journey – Colours of the Universe (Inspired by the Pilkhan/White Fig)

Day 22: Dance of the Soul – Inspired by Rumi’s Poetry (and the Pomegranate Tree) 

Day 23: The Deep Pull of What You Truly Love: Rumi Inspired Leaf Art (Frangipani) 

Day 24: Kundalini Awakening: Inspired by Rumi’s Poetry and ‘The Tree of Heaven’ (Ailanthus excelsa) 

Day 25: Sufi Whirling Dervish – The Beauty of Rumi’s Poetry and the ‘Buddha’s Coconut’ Leaves 

Day 26: “Whatever You Are Looking for Can Only Be Found Inside of You” 

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  • Miquela September 4, 2013, 2:55 pm

    I’ve been traveling, so I haven’t been commenting everyday, even though I’ve been keeping abreast of your creations. I am particularly grateful for this reminder to spend some quiet time with the morning first thing upon waking.

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