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Illuminate Your Soul – Nurture Your Highest Self (Inspired by the Kadamb Tree)

Illuminate Soul Artwork India Peacock Watercolor

I’m actually feeling illuminated as I completed the 30-day artful journey yesterday! Not sure I can find appropriate words and ways to express my feelings but I’ll try….I made 30 paintings in the past 30 days; bonded with and closely understood dozens of trees; soaked the music of nature and the songs of birds, and not the least important – have connected with my inner self – my spiritual being. This inner journey has given me the precious opportunity to love my soul, understand her, heal her, and nurture her. The soul that is sensitive, resolute and intuitive and yet innocent and vulnerable.

So, in this 30th day painting, it was but natural for me to reflect on and portray the illuminated state of my soul. And – the light rising from my baby’s soul – as we live in close harmony with each other – in my womb.

Check out the full post to read the many legends behind the Kadamb Tree portrayed in the art. Read some thoughts and quotes on What the Soul is. Explore some links to Peacock-related art and craft. And, finally – as usual – more pictures to view.

Deciphering the Meaning Behind the Painting

Peacock Leaf Art Watercolor Soul Spirit

The Kaim Tree or ‘Krishna’s Kadamb’ knocked on the right day to shower me with inspiration for this art.

I’m a firm believer in ONE God or the Supreme Divine Soul, who we may call the Christ or Krishna or Buddha or the Prophet. So, this tree is symbolic of that Krishna or the Christ.

Peacock Soul Illuminate Art

The Peacock represents the soul in its most divine beauty spreading light and glory as the soul reaches the Highest Self.

cosmos sun art soul celestial painting leaves

By this pool of water, I mean a celestial world with the Sun (the diya or the lighted up votives) at the centre and the other planetary bodies (shown as the flowers of the Kadamb tree) revolving around.

The flames rising up is the light of the enlightened soul.

There’re some very interesting stories in the Hindu mythology/folklore about the Kadamb tree. The most famous association is with Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha and band of gopis (girl-friends) who played and danced under this tree.

One more folklore relates that Lord Shiva and Parvati bore a child under the Kadam tree. There are many more legends associated with the Kadamb – you may tell these stories to your child!

What is the Soul?

These days, the soul is a popular topic. There are thousands of books and blogs dedicated to understand what the Soul is. One of the thinkers and writers on the subject of spirituality – Elizabeth Claire Prophet – says:

We can think of the soul as a glistening, transparent sphere that has been evolving for a very long time. The soul is a continuum in god from the beginning. She has lived in the infinite past and she will live in the infinite future. Even though the soul is mortal. she can become immortal through oneness with her Higher Self. Your higher Self is your individual God-identity, and it possess all the qualities of God.

I’ve also believe that a soul comes to earth (takes birth) to fulfill her mission by unlocking the unlimited potential within her. So, it’s most significant for the soul to be nurtured in proper environment. That’s where the parents of the soul play a part. The life led by the child’s parents prior to conception and throughout pregnancy is a crucial factor in preparing the environment for the child, says, Elizabeth Claire Prophet.

Parenting Starts Before Conception

And unless the parents have healed and nurtured their own souls by getting rid of negative thought patterns, by adopting a healthier lifestyle, by forgiving and letting go of hurt and grudge and negative karma – they cannot help the child’s soul in seeing the light and realizing her highest potential. The negative pattern of the parents will keep rubbing on the child’s psyche.

Through out my pregnancy (and even before that), I’ve kept my eyes, ears and heart open to my intuitive self that kept giving signs and led me to create art, connect with nature, let go of expectations and hurt and self-criticism.

Talking about self-criticism….

I was a hard core critic of my self. It was tough for me to appreciate my own goodness, beauty, efforts and creativity even since childhood. Giving some self-love was not my nature. But, in the last few years, I’ve consciously learned to change that negative mindset. I’m now more inclined to pat myself on the back; say that I’m happy with my art/my face/my body. And, changing that mindset has changed me from within.

Soul and spiritual parenting is a subject that I have loads to think about, write and discuss. But, I’ll wrap it here in this post. Do you want me to write about it in future posts? Let me know what you think…

Some tid bits about the Kaim or the Kadamb tree…

The Kadamb is a hardy tree adapted to growing in sandy beds of seasonal streams.

Kaim, Kadamb, Mitragyana parviflora

(Picture clicked by Pari at Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi)

Its flowers – tiny, pale yellow, clustered in spherical heads about 2.5 cm in diameter.


The Kadamb fruits (in the pic below) are capsules, clustered in round heads, between 100 and 150 in each cluster, mimicking the form of the flower heads. The fruiting-heads start off green, turn brown and eventually black.

Kadamb Tree Art Illuminate Light

I hope you all enjoyed my 30-day art and nature therapy. If there’s any aspect of it that you’d like to discuss with me; ask questions, share ideas – please feel free to do that. I lovingly invite all your questions and musings. :-)

Peacock Leaf Art Watercolor Soul Spirit

If you’d like to know what art material I used to make this painting: (If you purchase by clicking on the link/s, I’ll get a tiny affiliate commission that will help me maintain this blog.)

  • Camel Artists watercolours
  • Fevicryl Acrylic paint (pearl kit)
  • Sakura Pigma Micron pens –  (on Flipkart, on Amazon)
  • Sakura Gelly roll pens (on Flipkart, on Amazon)

peacock feather

Finally – some Peacock art/craft for kids and DIY projects for you to make.

Now, if I had to ask you something – which painting was your favourite among all 30? Just curious!

The Day 29 art was a parallel between the home and the bird’s nest and the care that we take to build our home-nests with love, filling it with a positive, lively environment.


Leaf Art from Day 1 to Day 29:

Day 1: The Zentangle Saptaparni Leaves

Day 2: The Gulmohar Leaves Make Rangoli

Day 3: Inspired by Banyan Leaves

Day 4: Inspired by Peepal Leaves

Day 5: Inspired by Yellow Bells

Day 6: Inspired by Jadi Leaves – Ficus amplissima

Day 7: Inspired by Kassod Leaves – Senna Siamea

Day 8: The Beauty of Kashmir and Chinar Leaves

Day 9: Divine Shelter – Frangipani Leaves

Day 10: Inspired by Kaniar (Bauhinia purpurea)

Day 11: Decorated Doorway Ashok Leaves (Indian Fir)

Day 12: Self-portrait – Inspired by Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) Leaves

Day 13: The Story of Mulberry Leaves, Silkworm and the Indian Flag

Day 14: If Leaves Evolved Into Birds (Karanj or Indian Beech)

Day 15: Gaia – the Goddess Earth (Rai Jamun leaves)

Day 16: Positive Affirmations Leaf Art (‘Putranjiva’ or child-life tree)

Day 17: Elements of the Earth (Inspired by the Shaving Brush Tree)

Day 18: The Dreamcatcher – Inspired by Neem Leaves

Day 19: The Scent of Gratitude – Inspired by Maulsari (Indian Medlar)

Day 20: The Story of Shabari and Ram – Inspired by the Ber Tree (Indian Jujube/Cherry)

Day 21: An Eternal Journey – Colours of the Universe (Inspired by the Pilkhan/White Fig)

Day 22: Dance of the Soul – Inspired by Rumi’s Poetry (and the Pomegranate Tree) 

Day 23: The Deep Pull of What You Truly Love: Rumi Inspired Leaf Art (Frangipani) 

Day 24: Kundalini Awakening: Inspired by Rumi’s Poetry and ‘The Tree of Heaven’ (Ailanthus excelsa) 

Day 25: Sufi Whirling Dervish – The Beauty of Rumi’s Poetry and the ‘Buddha’s Coconut’ Leaves 

Day 26: “Whatever You Are Looking for Can Only Be Found Inside of You” 

Day 27: Wake Up to the Music in Nature; Don’t Open the Door to the Study

Day 28: Aura of a Yogini – Inspired by Java Fig/Willow)

Day 29: A Nest Built with Love (The Golden Oriole Bird on the Silk Cotton Tree)

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  • Anuradha Shankar September 2, 2013, 2:53 pm

    This has been an amazing series, Rashmie!! I never thought so much about leaves before… and honestly, neither about trees! and the way you have combined your thoughts with art is just wonderful!!!!! its been years since i picked up paints, but seeing your posts everyday is making my hands itch to pick them up once again.

  • Pavana September 2, 2013, 6:19 pm

    Wow, awesome series! I like to go back to the posts in my spare time just to read your beautiful thoughts again and again. I am expecting my second one and the spiritual aspect of connecting to the baby is really interesting, it’s something new to me. I just read this part with wonder, I’ve to experience this beautiful connect. Thank you for writing about this and sharing it, I’m sure it will enlighten many others. My fav post has to be the Dreamcatcher one, I even made one with my 3 year old daughter. We both enjoyed the process thoroughly! Good luck with your pregnancy, God bless the little one :)

  • Suma September 4, 2013, 9:21 pm

    With a child like curiosity i logged in to FB after winding my day to see what todays leaf art is and kept scrolling only to realise that the 30 day journey with leaf art is over :(

    Am feeling a bit sad…. Actually i had got so hooked to the art and more so, the stories/thought behind choosing the leaf etc; I too want to go on journey of soul searching…… Thank you for the 30 lovely paintings and the beautiful stories/thoughts behind each of them. (especially the golden oriole)

  • lipi October 24, 2013, 10:30 pm

    would like to know more abt spiritual parenting…..bful paintings….loved all of the creative pieces….