A Birth in Goa

by Rashmie on January 7, 2014 · 35 comments

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spiritual birth

The red circle in this picture represents the ‘yoni’. Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning vagina or womb. It is also the divine passage, or sacred temple. The word can cover a range of extended meanings, including: place of birth, spring, fountain, home, nest and more.

It’s been three months here since I last posted – the 30th day Leaf Art (of the 30-day challenge). Autumn has long gone and we’re bang in the middle of a bone-chilling winter out here in Delhi (and so many other regions around the world); 2013 is old calendar as I get used to begin my diary entries with 2014. The topic of passionate discussion these days, across country, has changed from Cricket to Politics as the Aam Aadmi Party is writing new chapters of governance in Delhi.

So, will I say “time flies” as we’re so used to saying?

Well, I guess not. Not this time at least. For, those last three months was a slow and deliberate journey. We were in absolutely no hurry to reach the ‘destination’ or the ‘goal’. Each of us savoured every moment. We ‘lived’ every experience that came our way. And, we took some life-changing decisions. What am I talking about, you might wonder? Well, I’m referring to the event that followed the 30-day leaf art  (the birth art), you see!

Read on to know some tid-bits from the birth story. And, of-course – pictures! :-)

So, friends, I’m a mother once again – to the most amazing and adorable little girl – Sufiana. I gave birth to Sufiana on November 2, 2013. She’s a little more than two months now and I can’t begin to tell you what an incredible relationship I share with her. I’ll write about this in another post may be. But, for now, you may be eager to see the pictures more than anything else. :-)

And, to give some context to the pictures (you’ll see us on a beach!), we were in Goa for Sufiana’s birth. Yes, that’s where we went to – rather than being in Delhi (where we actually live), for I wanted to welcome my child in a place that’s so abundant in nature, fresh air and sunshine.

birth in Goa

And, besides the fact that I love nature more than any other worldly/earthly possession, it was my baby who gave me signs in every possible way; who really took us all to Goa telling us that she wants that land as her birth place. And, we agreed. There was some tug-of-war between the intuitive heart and the rational mind – the mind kept telling us it’s not practical, it’s a humungous task. And yet, we went ahead. We relied on our hearts.

birth art on the beach

We went to Goa a month before her birth and stayed on for two weeks after her birth. And, what an experience it turned out to be! I have dozens of stories – some saccharine sweet, some bitter-sweet – but mostly intense and powerful – to share about that time, place, people.

So, watch this space from now on. :-)

mandala on the beach

goa birth story

And now for the pictures – after birth.

Baby on the Beach

On the Majorda beach. Sufiana is 10days-old in this picture.

Many faces on the beach turned to me as they were shocked to see a mother carrying such a tiny, young baby out of home already. I understand their reaction, for in Indian culture, new mothers are supposed to stay indoors – warm and cozy with the little one. This approach stems from the Ayurvedic philosophy.

While I totally believe in certain post-partum Ayurvedic principles , being at the beach meant such a refreshing change in energy and aura – for me and for my baby. Going back to the ocean after her birth (for a month or more before her birth we’d come to this beach for long walks almost every day!) stripped me of my tiredness. My sleep-deprived, aching body suddenly felt re-energized. And, my soul – it felt as though I’d stories to share with the ocean – of the joy, the sadness (yes, that’s another story), the pain, the thrill and the life-time experience that this birth was….

Birth in Goa

Avie (hubby) and me. Pari clicked this picture.


sister's love

Admiration, love, wonder – Pari’s dream has come true – of having a baby sister….


Back home in Delhi, one month old Sufiana, responding curiously to Pari’s doting love….

These two sisters do have a soul connection. Sufiana decided to come with very similar statistics as Pari had. Both were 3.2 kgs at birth. Both had same length, same head circumference and exactly same birth mark!

father daughter love

This father can’t have enough of his little girl…

daddy love

It’s often just enough to be with someone. I don’t need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both. You’re not alone. – Marilyn Monroe

With this post, I want to get back to blogging as often as I can. Sorry friends, I’ve been away for so long. I do want to reconnect with you all, hear from you, share with you and get going with the little community that we’d formed in this space. I hope you will come back and wish me love and luck… :-)

Happy New Year!

Love is real, Real is Love – John Lennon

Sufiana - My Sufi Baby - Mommy Labs

PS. It occurred to me that some of you might want to know the meaning of her name – Sufiana. Sufiana means Sufi-like; Sufi - a mystic (in Islam) who seeks divine love and knowledge through personal experience of God. Now, how that name came to me is an interesting story in itself. :-) More on that later….