8 Things I am Grateful for: A Thanksgiving Photo Journal

by Rashmie on November 24, 2011 · 27 comments

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In some religions, including Hinduism and Islam – people tie sacred threads on tree branches or a carved window, like in the picture above, as a prayer to the almighty to fulfill their wish. They are supposed to spell out the wish without sharing it with anyone and tie a sacred thread for each wish. When the wish is fulfilled – months or even years later – they come back to untie the thread. 

In the picture above, there is a thread or two that I had tied – some years back and went back to untie.

But today, I don't intend to talk about my wishes.

Rather, I feel like redefining the purpose of the thread – for myself. I want to tie threads on a wish tree like that to express my gratitude for all that I value in my life. Today evening, I am going to tie eight threads for the eight things that I am truly, deeply thankful for. :) 

  • I'm truly grateful for this blog due to which I'm able to pursue my passion – every single day – for learning, creativity writing and living an intentional life. It also gives me a unique opportunity to make a difference to this world – however small it might be – and inspire people to unlock their creative instinct, and pursue what they love. Through it, I have been able to interact with so many of you – like-minded, inspiring and supportive people across the world, and this is what makes this journey so fulfilling. 
    I've taken many tours and detours and have learnt my share of life-lessons to be able to clearly identify what's my calling. No more detours. :)

  • I'm grateful for the innocent, pure and selfless love of babies and kids. I must confess, they make my heart dance with joy. They bring out the child in me; they make me shed a tear of joy without a tangible rhyme or reason. They are God's gift to this world full of adult intentions. I am so grateful to be able to spend time with those lovely little girls in my family right now – Sarah, Asmitha and Pari. These little girls are a blessing to my family. If, through this blog, I can inspire parents and educators to value the importance of child-led learning and play for our children, my purpose for this blog will be achieved. Too many kids are buckling under the burden of academics; It's high time we adults stopped 'playing' with their childhood.

  • I'm truly, deeply grateful for the little and big joys of nature. I have shared this before a number of times and have no hesitation in sharing again – I feel a type of love that transcends any other type of love – for the elements of nature. The leaves, the flowing river, the river stones, dew drops and rain – I feel I am part of them. No exaggeration. If I was ever marooned on an island full of nature, I would not miss a worldly beat. This is the reason I want to be able to do organic farming some day in a land surrounded my mountains. No wishful thinking this. I do want to make it happen!

  • I'm grateful to the divine to have shown me the path of spirituality and helped me connect with my higher self. It makes any routine day peaceful and special. It's almost like spring cleaning – every day of the year.

  • I'm grateful that I'm living in a time when people all around are gradually waking up to realize their creative instinct and their passions and making an effort to live their dreams. I'm a live example of it and I'm glad so many more are doing or trying to do what they love and be who they really are. I'm grateful to know some of these people – Lori of Life for Instance who went through a crooked life-path, as she says, before she realized her dream – of publishing her own book; or Farnoosh Brock of prolific Living who quit her high-profile corporate career  to dare the path of entrepreneurship; or Patricia of Critters and Crayons who, after being a female military leader for 10 years, decided to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) – and realized motherhood during army could have made her an even more able leader – laced with compassion and caring! Many more such stories are doing the rounds around the world. Doing what you love – this could possibly be the most convincing and creative way to make this world a happier place?
  • I'm grateful that I have grown up to nurture values that I am truly proud of. What I am today or what I have chosen to do is essentially due to what I believe in – humility, kindness, justice, gratitude, being helpful and finally – being true to myself. Yes, I can vouch for these. I don't think I have or will ever betray my values and let myself down. 

  • I'm grateful that our family is able to make enough money to be able to spend on things that can enrich our learning – books, travel, music and passions like photography, which does not come cheap. We are not super rich and that makes having what we have – all the more valuable. Being able to have all that you want -anytime – is no fun. To be able to have only one over the other makes you enjoy the thrill of earning it. Ever so grateful for that. 

  • I'm grateful for the people in my life – my near and dear ones and my few close friends. I'm grateful for their support and care and concern. It would mean nothing to have the dreams and goals but not have your family to share this journey with. I especially want to mention my hubby – Avie – who has helped me with his time, advice and expertise in every endeavour of mine – be it blogging, my love for photography or earlier – help with setting up my business. It wouldn't be too much to thank him every single day. Amen.

I could list a hundred things that I am grateful for right now. The simple joys of life – they are the most endearing. Yet, why do we take them for granted? No more. I want to develop a conscious attitude for gratitude and thank God for this beautiful festival – Thanksgiving – it made me sit down and pen my thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, dear readers.

What are you grateful for today?

I'd love reading your thoughts.