DIY Indoor Tent: A Fun Nook for Reading, Writing and Hours of Play

by Rashmie on February 20, 2012 · 11 comments

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indoor tent as a reading corner This past week, Pari and her friends wanted me to share some fun ideas to play indoors. And, I instantly recollected one from my childhood days – my indoor tent.

As soon as I mentioned and explained how we can build one, they wanted me to construct for them.

And, this is what I built – easy peasy, spacious and very cozy!

An indoor tent inspires hours of play. But, can you believe it can be an inspiring reading/writing corner for young learners? Yes, that’s what it turned out to be over here.
Read on to know why I think reading nooks can be so motivating…

Our tent was simple and cozy…

The silk scarves – as curtains – added romantic charm and fairytale-like feel! We have a growing collection of such silk scarves and use them often in play and decor.

fun reading nook for children

I spread a carpet on the floor within and also threw in a rectangular mattress that fitted perfectly.

how to build an indoor tent and camp inside house

To add some warmth and create a soothing ambience, I placed a candle within a glass votive.

But, even with a candle, the corner was a bit dark as it was evening.

I added a reading lamp and voila – it was a glowing, full-fledged living corner for the two little girls.

I knew no-doubt that this will be liked by the girls. But, my joy knew no bounds when I saw that the tent kept them busy for more than three hours or so!

The girls were so absorbed inside – reading, writing notes, having girly chat and they even wanted dinner to be served inside.

Together and individually they read many story books, wrote their own thoughts in their diaries and basically wanted to stay there with their bags and baggages!

Long after her friend left, Pari kept moving in and out of the tent.

After dinner, she sat down with the netbook and a new set of diary and colourful pens.

She even wanted to sleep there for the night – with me – but I talked her out of it because the living room is very cold at nights.

I’ve seen that ‘reading nooks’ can really inspire young learners. Why only young learners, even I am extra motivated to read and write when I spruce up my reading corner or workstation.

What about you? Have you made an indoor tent? Or, a specific reading nook for your child? Does your child feel more enthusiastic to read/write there?

Please share your ideas and thoughts…

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