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The Deep Pull of What You Truly Love: Rumi Inspired Leaf Art (Frangipani)

Art Inspiration Rumi Pull of what You Love

The Day 23 leaf art is inspired by the soulful poetry of Rumi, again, and – the leaves and flowers of the Frangipani – Plumeria Rubra. I’ve done Frangipani before – Plumeria obtusa but this one’s a different variety whose leaves as well as flowers are unique. Day 23 was quite a challenge in more than one aspects, due to which I had to be content with just sketching rather than doing a full-fledged painting with colours and textures that I’d imagined. Read about my ordeals of the day, and more…! Ha! But then, I’m happy that I could at least do the leaf art without breaking my 30-day-challenege.

Challenege # 1 – I had several leaves and clicks from the day’s nature walk but couldn’t identify even a single tree. I had a leaf which looked quite like Sita-Ashoka but checking back with book and internet, I wasn’t quite sure. I thought I had identified the Weeping Fig right, but that seemed dubious too. And so many others. So, I finally resorted to the Frangipani with pink/purple flowers that I so love.

The second challenge was time. After a long walk and going through an hour-long failed identifying exercise back home, I was not only tired but sleepy too (have been sleep-deprived for a few days now!). But those words by Rumi motivated me to do the art. I did the sketch and quite liked my vision behind it, but I’d to really resist the urge to colour it. I was so drained.

And the third challenge was art material. Would you believe – I’ve almost run out of colours and need to replenish as soon as possible…. Phew!

So, am letting this be my Day 23 art. I’m sure I’ll go back to it to colour in the most fascinating hues. But, after the 30-day challenge.

If you’d like to take a closer look at these words by Rumi. (I really love the book – Essential Rumi – with a compilation of all his poetry (translated in English).

illustrated rumi leaf art journaling Frangipani

The Day-22 leaf art was inspired by Rumi, too. Check it out. I’m sure you’ll feel motivated. :-) Plus, I’ve shared links to beautiful resources (books, art etc) that will help you in spiritual parenting.

Art Inspiration Rumi Pull of what You Love


Leaf Art from Day 1 to Day 22:

Day 1: Inspired by Saptaparni Leaves

Day 2: Inspired by Gulmohar Leaves

Day 3: Inspired by Banyan Leaves

Day 4: Inspired by Peepal Leaves

Day 5: Inspired by Yellow Bells

Day 6: Inspired by Jadi Leaves – Ficus amplissima

Day 7: Inspired by Kassod Leaves – Senna Siamea

Day 8: Inspired by Kashmir’s Chinar Leaves

Day 9: Inspired by Frangipani Leaves

Day 10: Inspired by Kaniar (Bauhinia purpurea)

Day 11: Inspired by Ashok Leaves (Indian Fir)

Day 12: Self-portrait – Inspired by Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) Leaves

Day 13: The Story of Mulberry Leaves, Silkworm and the Indian Flag

Day 14: If Leaves Evolved Into Birds (Karanj or Indian Beech)

Day 15: Gaia – the Goddess Earth (Rai Jamun leaves)

Day 16: Positive Affirmations Leaf Art (‘Putranjiva’ or child-life tree)

Day 17: Elements of the Earth (Inspired by the Shaving Brush Tree)

Day 18: The Dreamcatcher – Inspired by Neem Leaves

Day 19: The Scent of Gratitude – Inspired by Maulsari (Indian Medlar)

Day 20: The Story of Shabari and Ram – Inspired by the Ber Tree (Indian Jujube/Cherry)

Day 21: An Eternal Journey – Colours of the Universe (Inspired by the Pilkhan/White Fig)

Day 22: Dance of the Soul – Inspired by Rumi’s Poetry (and the Pomegranate Tree) 

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