How the Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy of Dzogchen Applies in My Life (plus, a News!)

by Rashmie on March 4, 2014 · 17 comments

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As a bee seeks nectar
from all kinds of flowers,
seek teachings everywhere.

Like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze,
seek seclusion to digest all you have gathered.

Like a lion, live completely free of all fear.
And, finally, like a madman, beyond all limits,
go wherever you please.

From: The Crystal and the Way of Light: Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen (Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy – accelerated path to self-perfection)
by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

It’s no coincidence that I encountered these wisdom-filled words (and books) recently. This is how our life’s journey has been unfolding over the past few years that we started unschooling Pari; Avie quit his job; I conceived Sufiana; and then we traveled to Goa – to give birth to my Sufi baby.

Each and every thought expressed in those verses are full of meaning and message for me and my family.

So, what does each thought convey to me in light of our current life journey.

(Oh, and there’s also a NEWS I’m sharing with you folks…!)

As a bee seeks nectar
from all kinds of flowers,
seek teachings everywhere.

We want to learn from diverse experiences, people, places, ideas and sources. We believe that learning happens in every moment, by living fully, in awareness and in curiosity. Learning is not confined to books or classroom.

Like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze,
seek seclusion to digest all you have gathered.

Being busy is not so cool after all. We want time to be able to do nothing; to just reflect on all that we have soaked. We want to pay attention to our thoughts and listen to the inner voice. Be mindful and live fully in the moment. We want to day dream on the bed an hour extra in the morning. What’s the hurry? There’s no school bus to catch, nor any rush to pack breakfast or lunch. We want to stay up late in the night to gaze into the night sky, imagine pictures and stories in the moon…

Like a lion, live completely free of all fear.

We want to take risks; take the path less traveled; stand up for our beliefs. We do not want to act out of fear, but act out of awareness – inside out. Failures are inevitable. But, we don’t want that to deter us from trying something new or going after what we fiercely believe in. We don’t want to stay in the comfort zone – rather break those mental barriers and allow ourselves to realize our true potential.

As a parent, I want to protect my child if and when she’s bullied instead of leaving her to fend for herself. In protecting her, I may bear the brunt of friends or family or neighbours, but I don’t want to fear them and leave my child distressed and lonely…

It’s okay not to please everyone at all times. It’s NOT okay to ignore the calling of your heart and soul.

And, finally, like a madman, beyond all limits,
go wherever you please.

We want to be able to travel as much as we can; where-ever our calling leads us to. By traveling we want to learn, have fun, seek adventures, explore our country, volunteer our services. We want to have a home for sure. But that home could be where-ever the heart feels young and playful and curious and creative. It can be one place today, another place few months later. Why restrict? Why stay put when the whole wide blue-green earth can be your home. Why call those four walls your home when you can tent your gear on the beach and allow the waves to sing and rock you to sleep.

Yes, why not make that your home where shells clang to ring your morning alarm.

para sailing beach goa

That’s why we’ve chosen Goa as our next home. We’re moving from Delhi.

We listened to this heart’s calling – to be close to nature, water, waves, sun and sand.

Play is crucial for children

We realized our children need to play – play to their heart’s content in the rain and mud. They want to chase butterflies and pluck wildflowers. We want to create a magical childhood for our children. Knowing that they’ll be little for only so much time makes me want to hurry and create all those spaces that I dream of – for them to play unhindered. That’ll be the best gift we can give to them as parents.

natural open-ended play mud pie kitchen

I want to create memories that will keep my heart healthy and my soul peaceful.

So, folks, we’re moving to Goa on March 13. South Goa, to be sure. We chose South Goa over North for its beautiful country-side, pristine beaches and laid-back aura.

sunset goa1

I’ll write more about our Goa migration once we move and settle down a bit.

For now, I’m excited beyond words. But, also somewhat nervous about this migration project with little Sufiana in tow.

Wish me luck, love and blessings. I’ll be collecting each and every wish that you send my way – like one shell at a time in the picture below!

shells beach goa


Here’s some more on the Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.

And, some important books by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu:

Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light

In Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu gives instructions for developing clarity within the sleep and dream states. He goes beyond the practices of lucid dreaming that have been popularized in the West by presenting methods for guiding dream states that are part of a broader system for enhancing self-awareness called Dzogchen. In this tradition, the development of lucidity in the dream state is understood in the context of generating greater awareness for the ultimate purpose of attaining liberation.  (From Amazon)

Dzogchen Teachings

This book is a rich collection of precious teachings given by the renowned Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to his students around the world in order to benefit their understanding of the Dzogchen tradition and its value in the modern world. Dzogchen, or the path of Total Perfection, is the essence of Tibetan Buddhism; it is not a religion, tradition, or philosophy. As Chögyal Namkhai Norbu says, “Dzogchen is the path of self-liberation that enables one to discover one’s true nature.”

Dzogchen:The Self-perfected State

Our natural condition is self-perfected from the very beginning. What is necessary is that we reawaken and remain in our true nature. Through understanding and practice, we can rediscover the effortless knowledge of the self-perfected state that lies beyond our habitual anguish and confusion, and remain in this uninterrupted flow of contemplation, completely relaxed but fully present through all activities.