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Street Photography: The Art, Stories, Dilemma and Adrenalin! (A Photo Essay)

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Have I ever told you – one of the things I could do everyday (if I had the time, that is!) would be to go out on the streets with a camera around my neck. I haven’t done much street photography, not as much as clicking in the woods. But, I really want to try my hands, which I did recently during a trip to Simla.

So, this month’s ‘Made with Love’- I dedicate it to my everlasting love – photography! :-) Hope you like browsing through these pictures and reading some interesting stories about street photography – what it means, how it’s evolved and more…

Two years back, I started a 365-day project with street photography as the focus/theme. I couldn’t finish that project. The odds didn’t work out for me. For one – the streets in Delhi are not very safe. But even more than that – the glares and the awkwardness of people made me uncomfortable. Also, I figured that when capturing a candid moment, I would end up feeling like I’m tress-passing or sneaking into someone’s private space.

Something else that makes me think about street photography is the motive of shooting the poor and the unfortunate. What use it is (to them) we documenting their lives? Sometimes it doesn’t feel right to me. On other occasions, those misery-stricken faces/situations convey hope, courage and pleas that I must document.

So, you see, street photography seems very exciting not to keep trying even though I might not get very up, close and personal (or may be I will who knows!); I might just capture a scene as a whole – making sure the scene is a character in itself, weaving together the moment, the people and their stories in that specific scene.

Most of all, Street Photography, I like to think, makes me want to capture a fleeting moment in time and make it indestructible. A moment that was utterly temporary; a moment that will never repeat – making that moment a part of my memory feels very special and meaningful. Even feels divine when it occurs that I shared a piece of time and space with those unknown souls and turned it from elusive to eternal.

If I go by this philosophy that every being that you cross at a certain time and place – that moment has been pre-designed in the wider realm of the universe. Photographing that moment takes on a new meaning altogether.

Recently, when on the streets of Simla, I had that surreal feeling of sharing pre-designed moments with utter strangers. The mall road in Simla could be a photographer’s muse, I must say. Really! And I won’t say why. Have a look at these pictures and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

bubbles blowing child wonder photography india

simla lakkad bazar

The ‘OM’ (in the pic above)  is considered in the Hindu philosophy as the sound that the universe resonates with. Seems to me that in street photography, when people and objects come together (without intention), they may resonate or repel through the energy they share in that monent. They may have sent unsaid messages to each other through the shared light, the colours, the body launguage.

Street Photography sure is an interesting way of looking at life and then looking at yourself observing this life! I mean, it’s interesting to reflect on why you chose to click some specific scenes and people and not others.

It’s interesting to see how the colours have coincided in the picture above. The greens of the two young people playing with the balloon coinciding with the passer-by (on the left) wearing a similar shade of green. The purple turban and the purple in the passer-by’s green shirt pop out as if trying to add a creative accent.

simla shimla india horses

So many expressions here. Who look calmer – the men or the horses? hmmm…!

horse riding simla child summer holidays

street vendor photography green

street vendor shimla india

The good and the evil; beauty and the beast – life co-exists!

balloons kids play




New York, it’s said,  was at the center of street photography movement in the 60sGarry Winogrand, who was the most renowned street photographer from that era (1960s), said about his art – “When I’m photographing, I see life”. “That’s what I deal with. I don’t have pictures in my head… I don’t worry about how the picture is going to look. I let that take care of itself… It’s not about making a nice picture. That anyone can do.”

This article delves deeper into the art of street photography and the realities this art form is having to face in today’s anxiety-filled times. Very interesting and informative article that’s also a commentary on the changing times and how it affects art directly.

If you’d like to know more about Street Photography, check out these resources:

From Street Photography, let’s move on to this month’s ‘Made-With-Love’ features!

chocolate mint after 8 pie

After just finishing lunch, I can’t stop craving this Chocolate and Mint Pie! Must be so flavourful and lip-smacking! Check out the recipe at Cookaroo.

decoupage vintage style repurposed tin can

I have a great inclination for anything vintage or vintage-looking. I’m sure I’m going to try out this decoupage project that transformed a humble tin can into something so alluringly vintagy!


Herbs can really enhance the taste and aroma of food. Plus, they have some useful medicinal value. Check out these ideas to cook with herbs.

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  • Angelique Felix August 7, 2012, 1:16 am

    How pretty life is in India, thank you for sharing your love for photography with us my friend!


  • Ann August 10, 2012, 11:00 pm

    Love these photos! You should get a spy cam so you can snap away without people knowing! I especially love the men and horse and the shot with pops of green.

    Thanks for thin link up this is a fun one!

  • Erika August 14, 2012, 1:42 am

    Dear Rashmie, thank you so much for featuring my project, I am your new follower in pinterest, twitter and facebook. I am glad you liked my project. Where in India do you live? I am heading to India by end of month, but I am travelling to Goa to visit my husband’s family. Let me know, perhaps if you are closeby we can visit. Have a nice day, Erika.

  • Prabha August 15, 2012, 4:19 am

    Dear Rashmie, I enjoyed this post. I have always been a person who enjoys the happenings in the street. I like the way you express very positively the simple things that we nourish in our lives. I would have never thought of creating a content for my blog out of the street photography hobby. Learning a lot from you. Your post inspired me to pick a street photo that I clicked in Mysore last year as a header picture for my new blog.