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Is Your Home Environment Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity? (Plus, a giveaway – the best swing ever!)

spaces for children that encourage creativity, play, health and happiness

I’ve always had an interest in doing up our home in a way that’s inviting, open, airy, well-lit and most importantly – feels warm and cozy and creative and sparks the imagination of the young ones (and older ones too!). This interest, since childhood, has become a passion ever since I became a mother. Yes, ever since I had my children – first Pari, and then Sufiana – rather than relegating the home decor (‘home environment’ is a more apt word for me) to the bottom of the daily bucket-list (due to lack of time) I’ve maintained it as one of the top priorities. Some might feel that it’s not prudent to ‘waste’ time on doing up the house when you have young children to attend to, specially a 1.5 years old. But, I can argue otherwise. And, this is why:

A home environment, I feel, can play a very positive role in the development of young minds and bodies. A child who’s actively seeking out the world and exploring new things will feel motivated and charged up to be in a clutter-free space that sparks imagination, allows freedom to move and play in safety, and puts the child at ease – to run, dance, sing, create, paint, mould, tinker – without being interrupted.

In this article, I’m sharing some of the ideas from my own home (at different times) that inspired my children and encouraged fun, learning, discovery and creation. Not to forget – beautiful bonding times for us all as a family.

Especially since my children don’t go to school, the home environment is all the more relevant. I want to create a space where they feel safe, comfortable, respected, creative, playful and loved.

Whether it is the Waldorf approachthe Reggio Emilia or the RIE philosophy of parenting – most alternative/progressive learning philosophies that espouse child-centered, open-ended learning methods lay great emphasis on the role that an environment/space can play in early childhood learning and development.

Infact, in the Reggio Emilia approach, the environment or the space is considered the third teacher. The space is recognized to hold great potential to inspire the child who’s exploring the world by making use of his/her five senses; is learning by playing, collaborating, communicating.

So, here are some examples, from my home, of spaces for children that encourage free play, tinkering, creativity, imagination and wonder!

An art corner that’s artful too! 

creative art space for kids

No matter how small the space, it helps to have a corner dedicated for making art. Even if it means just a table and a chair with a cupboard near-by where some of the stuff (that’s safe) is accessible to the child. When Pari was merely two, I dedicated a part of a room for our creative exploration. I placed a mattress on the floor – against the wall – for our cozy reading time. Next to it was a low desk with a chair where she could paint and scribble and play ‘ office’. In the winters, when the sun was out for those specific hours, I had another low desk – light and moveable – that I would place out into the balcony. She would enjoy juicy oranges while painting away in deep focus, without distraction.

We’ve moved many houses in the past nine years of Pari’s life but in every house that we lived in, creating that art-friendly corner was always my priority.

art space for children

And right now, this house in Goa has allowed us to create the best art corner so far. A small room, adjacent to the living room, with floor to ceiling shelves – well, the moment we looked at it, we knew what to do with it. All her (and mine) art material was duly placed, organized and marked. We repurposed some cardboard boxes to organize paint bottles, pens, scissors and cutters and what have you. I lined the boxes with colourful wrapping paper to make them appealing. This art studio (that’s what we call this space) is where Pari spends most of her time, and now is joined by Sufiana too.

A space for free play (even in an apartment):

Free play – today’s scheduled, over-instructed kids have almost forgotten what it is like to play without gadgets, toys, board games and instructions. The loss of free play is loss of creativity, childhood and health and happiness.

In my home, I love to create special corners here and there that will encourage free play of all sorts.

For years, we had an indoor fountain (read the post – ‘unhindered summer play’) that Pari loved to play with. What child doesn’t love water! So, her friends from near-by apartments would knock at our door to join in. And, she had play-mates right at our door step without organizing any play dates.

free-play for kids indoor water fountain

This source of water served as a pond to bathe her animals; to sail boats; to fill and refill bottles for hours together. I often liked to join in. We loved to decorate the water surface with petals, floating candles. We even made water rangolis!

Pretend play – I think that’s the hallmark of every happy childhood…

….no matter what culture or geography or era. I cannot think back to Pari’s younger years without being reminded of the variety of pretend play that she regaled in. Sadly, young children are losing that way to play due to too many scheduled activities in their days. Technology also has played a huge role in taking children away from their natural ways of playing.


Pari was so inclined towards pretend play that I was constantly creating spaces for her that would facilitate that kind of play – mud pie kitchen, pizza delivery corner, office play, cafe!

Our mud-pie kitchen was on an 8th floor balcony! It used to get muddy there but I didn’t mind cleaning, for it was the most sought-after play for Pari and her friends. The fact that we had a tap on that balcony, helped!

Freedom to express, articulate, doodle, draw…

The huge black board that we had (still have) was adored by Pari and all her friends. With a bunch of colorful chalks at their disposal, they would spend hours doodling, scribbling, making giant art. This wall-sized canvas served as a place for pretend play – school and teacher and students!

chalk board to express and write and doodle

When I blogged about it years back, this is what I wrote and it still rings true to my philosophy:

I knew that a wall-sized canvas/writing area would inspire at so many levels. It’s basically about the “space”. When an entire wall transforms itself into a space for self-expression, no one can remain untouched.

Special spaces to connect with nature:

Of-course a garden or a yard of your own can be a boon. But, even if you don’t have one, you can still connect with nature by bringing it indoors. For years, we had a low table reserved for those memorable finds in nature – from the treks and trips and even walks around our neighbourhood looking for dry leaves for our art. On this nature table we placed our pine cones, river stones, feathers, dry leaves…

nature table

This space also served as a space for meditation and prayers. A singing bowl, a candle, an incense created that environment for all of us to spend some meditative time. Not just us, even friends and family members always got attracted to this space and could not help but sit down on the floor to admire the beautiful knick knacks from nature.

A home for the littles:

And then, along came Sufiana. And, I was keen on creating special spaces for her to enjoy and be. Well, my arms and bosom were the best places for her to be. But, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t enjoy her own company; that she wouldn’t need some break from the over-stimulated world of ours. They are wiser than we think, they are more capable than we think. Sufiana has proven this again and again. For that quiet, wonder-filled time when my baby could just gaze and marvel, reflect and be, I wanted to create a space.

creating spaces that encourage free play

Keeping her in mind, we now have a house with a small yard. I can tell you she’d have been miserable without this open space with a source of water to play in. While she plays there, I tend to the vegetable beds and the grow bags. She likes to water the plants, throw compost into the potting mix and dig around with a small spade.

 water play

When the neighbourhood cat comes demanding for food, Sufi shouts, “num num, doodoo, doodoo, riiiice, riiice”, telling me that the cat is here; we’ve gottu give milk and rice!

An indoor space – of her own:

A dedicated space indoors is as essential for babies and toddlers as it is for older kids or adults. Sufiana runs all around the house in high energy. When she gets tired or bored or needs alone-time she comes into her beautiful corner.

a playful corner for toddlers

Here, the stuff that she likes to play with are kept on a low table. There’s a mattress in front of it where she can sit and explore – there are balls of all colours and sizes and textures, bottles with screw-on caps, chalk board with colourful chalks, picture books that she adores.

home space kids corner for free play imagination

No battery-operated toys that direct children to play in one specific way rather than giving them the power and freedom to play whichever way they want to.

A space to tune in to the inner space:

a space for kids to tune into the inner space

We adults talk about some ‘quiet time’ or meditation or yoga – those calm moments when we can connect with ourselves without the constant chatter that the mind engages in. Well, the same goes for babies and little ones too – a natural state of mind, a calm and relaxing space when they can day-dream, get lost watching the rain, get engrossed looking far into the sunrays. Why do we think them as helpless, un-thinking beings who need to be in our arms and laps and carriers all day long? Why do we think we need to entertain them every minute with playful voices and loud gestures? I think doing this demeans their intelligence and dignity. They ought to get that down-time that we all need – to connect with our hearts and souls.

a swing is more than just swing

And, precisely for such moments, a space like this makes Sufiana’s heart warm and gay. This beautiful little space with a cotton canvas swing hanging from the ceiling – just as we step into our home. Sitting in this swing, as she gets lost in her inner world, I can’t help but feel peaceful myself. Her hair blowing in the wind, the rain pelting down, that continuous white noise nothing less than music for the soul! I sit on the red cement bench across the swing and get drawn into the mango tree right in front of us. Trees anyday have a deeply calming effect on me. And, I’ve noticed Sufiana has a deep connection with nature herself.Cuddly Coo swing cotton canvas

This swing is such a marvelous way to create that quiet, un-obtrusive, meditative time and space.

And, I’m grateful to Cuddly Coo for sending it our way. When Sangeetha wrote to me to try this swing for Sufiana and then review it if I like, I knew my Sufi would love this. And, she does! First thing in the morning as she wakes up, she wants to sit in this swing and have one of us sing to her. That’s where she eats her banana and looks out for her cat, who she’s named “Angia”.

Talking about the material and the make, I can tell you you won’t find anything better than this. I love everything about it – the cotton canvas that it’s made of – it’s breathable, strong and sturdy. The canvas is lined with soft quilt making it even more cozy. The ropes that hold it together – along with the wooden frames – are smooth for tender palms.

encouraging free play for children

The colourful wooden beads are just enough accessories to deck the swing and draw the child into playing!

And, it’s easy to assemble, super easy to hang. All you need is a hook in the ceiling. Yes, that’s it. It’s the safest swing one can have for a child this young (and older).

cuddlycoo baby swing

So, Sangeetha has gifted this not just for Sufi but she’d like to gift an exact same swing to you my dear readers! This is a giveaway (worth INR 2,490) and one of you can win it. YAY! YAY!

To Enter the Giveaway….

All you have to do is tell us about that special space in your home that your baby/child loves and why. That would help me think about more ways to make my home a place that encourages play, creativity, imagination and bonding.

Please provide a postal address in India to enter the giveaway. You may live in India or not. You can participate even if you live outside India but have friends or family living here with kids who can enjoy this swing. This swing is best for children between 8 months and 3 years.

Giveaway ends on August 3, Monday.

So, here’s to nurturing your child’s home environment with your warmth, love, your signature home-made food, your cuddles and songs and bed-time stories. Here’s to making the festive days more festive and making the every-day fun and joyful. Here’s to creating memories every moment.

I hope this beautiful, cozy swing will add more warmth to your nest.

I need help sustaining this blog…

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I spend hours writing an article – and often write and rewrite many times before it rings true to me and sounds worthy of your time to read.

The most important thing for me is to keep this blogging endeavour authentic and true to my values. This blog has been my sacred space to express, share, feel empowered and contribute. Hence, I do not like to support businesses that don’t align with my values. So far, I’ve rarely taken sponsorship from brands and companies. I haven’t placed any ads on my blog, though there have been multiple offers.

Infact, I’d like to keep this blog ad free unless something truly meaningful comes across.
Yet, there’s a cost to running this blog. The basic cost of keeping the domain alive, and hosting all this content on. I spend roughly INR 10,000 (USD 173) just to keep this blog up and running. So, I need to cover this cost. Plus, it’d be nice to bring in some income for our family of four. And, this is where I request your support.

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  • Kuhoo Gupta July 23, 2015, 3:42 pm

    Absolutely loved this post. Would surely implement them for my baby :)

    Special spaces for my 5 month old…we have cleared floor space in our hall & put a play mat there. We play with toys, roll over n enjoy there whole day.

    Also I have put music instruments in other room that i wish my baby to explore when he starts crawling :)

    Would love to participate in the giveaway!

    • Rashmie July 24, 2015, 10:53 pm

      Musical instruments for your baby to explore is a great idea, Kuhoo. Sufiana loves to sit on Pari’s big keyboard and explore the sounds. We have a wind chime in the yard that she absolutely loves.

  • Pramila Manoj July 23, 2015, 10:44 pm

    Hi Rashmie,
    Stumbled on your website by a happy accident and was just so glad to find it! I’ve been reading some of your articles and so many things resonated with me. I love the RIE philosophy and do try to be a mindful parent but just feel lost sometimes so this website is refreshing! Thank you for the wonderful post on spaces that encourage creative and independent play. I have a 3 year old whose favorite place at the moment is in her little wigwam by the balcony (we live in an apartment) doing an almost endless number of ‘match- the- following’ on her slate while simultaneously commenting on the cows, goats and roosters outside.

    • Rashmie July 24, 2015, 10:57 pm

      Pramila, the cows, buffaloes and birds are a fascinating subject for Sufiana too! A balcony sure is the most interesting place in the home to observe new things and process in their curious, imaginative head.

  • Rutba Bhatia July 24, 2015, 12:10 am

    My kid is seven months old and i always think of having a space where he can crawl freely. I live in small apartment which doesn’t allow me to do much, though i ensure most of the space by removing tables or side chairs in drawing room.

    I am so inspired reading your post that me and my husband are planning to move near nature….where our nature lover kid can embrace it..
    I know children dont need expensive toys and gadgets….what they need is our love and lots of love

    • Rashmie July 24, 2015, 11:01 pm

      Moving near nature would be amazing for you all, Rutba. Especially for your son – children do need to stay in connect with nature. It can do wonders for their growing bodies and minds.

  • Deepti July 24, 2015, 12:30 pm

    Hi,nice to know about u and ur family. I am one of the silent reader of ur blog for quite some time. I do follow Pari’s blog :)
    I would like to participate in giveaway……please lem know the procedure. I have pictures to share about my kids fav places /their room for art at home. By the way I have one 8 year sunshine and 8 months lil tornado :)

    • Rashmie July 24, 2015, 11:16 pm

      Hi Deepti, all you have to do to participate is to write (in this comments section) about your kid’s fav space in your home. You can also send me pictures if you’d like (here – rashmiejaaju at gmail dot com) I can share those on the Mommy Labs Facebook page.
      Your kids have similar age difference as mine. But, I’m sure they have their own special ways to play together and bond. Pari and Sufiana are playing, interacting and even fighting together as if the age gap never existed…!

  • Surabhi July 25, 2015, 12:12 pm

    Hi Rashmie,

    First, I love your blog and Pari’s stories of unschooling have influenced me a lot. Keep up the good work. :)

    I can not name a corner in my house as I feel my entire house belongs to my baby. She makes dresses of her dolls while sitting along with me on the bed in our bedroom. She plays inside the tent house with her friends on floor with her friends. And she does paintings and makes cards (almost everyday) in the living area where she can conveniently place all her colors etc on the centre table. We have a hard time cleaning it when guests arrive un-announced.. but I am not complaining.

    If I still have to mention a place,, I would say it is her room which belongs only to her. The doors of her cup board are covered with whatever she draws. I pin them on her almirah board. Next to the almirah on the wall, a small black board is pasted where she draws. She loves drawing. :)

  • Deepti July 26, 2015, 5:17 pm

    In our old home (2bhk flat) I completely dedicated one bedroom to Sunshine. Every inch and corner of the room belongs to his art & creativity. We stick his latest learning on his room door. Sunshine has full freedom to stick his favorite cartoon characters on his cloths cupboard. He has his secret den (tent made with bed sheets, pillows and chairs etc.) in his room corner where he can just lay down, sometimes for quite reading.
    In present house we have balcony. Sunshine (with help of me) kept many plants over there. Every weekend afternoon sunshine and I sit over there for art & craft and lap books. We use flooring as our chalk board for our discussion. Also a small portion of corner in the drawing room is allotted for dioramas which has done by Sunshine. These dioramas keeps on change as per theme based on festivals or occasions. This helps Sunshine to open up more with people who visits our home. He is kind a shy type like me.
    Coming to Lil tornado she is at the stage of crawling. We have re arranged the furniture in the drawing room so that she gets enough place to explore on her own. Her favorite corner of the house is main door where she can see neighbors and their pets coming and going on road. I leave her on floor at the front door which has closed grills. Sometime kids who are passing that way say bye to her while going to school. Adults stop by and say hi while I have my morning breakfast peacefully.

  • Ashley July 29, 2015, 10:48 pm

    My one-year-old loves his book space. He sits and looks at pictures, and then he might bring me a book to read. He is always on the go, so this is a nice way for him to slow down.

  • Rashmie @ Mommy Labs August 17, 2015, 12:32 am

    I’d published the giveaway winner’s name on my Facebook page. But, just in case some of you missed that post, I’d like to share that the giveaway was won by Kuhoo Gupta. She’s received the swing already and is very happy with it. Thank you, Sangeetha@CuddlyCoo.

  • Megha January 14, 2016, 7:23 pm

    Hi Rashmie,

    It’s been a really long time since you posted. I love reading your blogs and have been missing youR words. Hope you ll be writing soon and that all is well at your end.



  • Mary Brown February 6, 2016, 3:58 pm

    Fell in love with the post. I could relate so much with it. You took me back to my childhood. However, I feel guilty that I am not doing my bit for my daughter. Perhaps, its time to make a new beginning.

  • sharwan suthar May 4, 2016, 4:20 pm

    so beautyfull