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Day 15: Gaia – the Earth Goddess of Birth (Inspired by the ‘Rai Jamun’ Tree)

watercolor zentangle motherhood leaf art

Today’s leaf art is inspired by leaves of-course – leaves of the Rai Jamun tree –  but it’s also inspired by my own love for seeking spiritual meanings in natural things. So, this art is replete with the feminine symbols – of fertility, birth, creation, growth, evolution and centeredness. The female figure here – the Gaia or the Goddess Earth – represents motherhood, growth and creation.

Read about the other symbols in this art and interpret their meaning. Also, see more pics of the art and the Rai Jamun tree.

I love the spiral symbol. It has always conveyed to me a centered and positive state of mind. But, besides this, did you know that the Spiral represents the womb or the sacred feminine. It also indicates change or evolution.

The full moon indicates a state of wholeness and self-realization. The changing moon is also closely associated with women because it’s 28-day cycle matches the menstruation cycle . Some believe meditating at full moon can bring about global healing.

Symbols, some may think, are mythological.

But, others say (and I believe) the symbols reveal ancient truth and wisdom. Our universe has hidden meanings that can be interpreted through the symbols in nature. It’s so fascinating, I feel, to unravel and seek the truth whose seed was sown when this universe and our earth took birth. Let me know if this interests you and I can share more in future posts. :-)

Healing the Scars

Most importantly, this art comes from my innermost desire to give birth naturally this time. Pari’s birth was a C-section, an emergency one at that. There is a physical scar from that but even though the scar has healed with time, I need to heal the emotional scars from that experience. It was far from what I had wished; how I had hoped to be treated (with honour) at the hands of the medical caretakers. But then, it’s a journey and I have learned my lessons. This time though, I’m determined to make this a positive, well-informed and conscious experience.

About today’s tree – the Rai Jamun.

The Rai Jamun is a close relative of the Jamun tree (indian blackberry) but has a few differences. Primarily – its fruit is longer and larger than jamuns. They taste and smell a little different too.

rai jamun leaves Delhi

And, some more pics of the art:

watercolor zentangle leaf art motherhood

leaf art pregnancy Gaia sacred feminine

watercolor zentangle Gaia Goddess Earth motherhood

And yesterday’s leaf art  – if leaves evolved into birds – it’s amusing. And I had lots of fun painting it!

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