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Eight Creative Nature and Forest Activities to do with Kids

It's a huge pleasure for me to share some creative, nature- and forest-related activities – to do with kids – on the 'Pratham Books' blog.

Thank you, Pratham Books, for inviting me to share ideas for your campaign – "Awareness Today for a Greener Tomorrow". It's an honour to work in collaboration with you for a cause that's so close to my heart!

To tell you all a little bit about Pratham Books – they're a not-for-profit organization that publishes books in multiple Indian languages, including English, to promote reading among children. Their books are written and illustrated by the best creative minds in the literary/art world. Their mission is to see "a book in every child's hand" and democratize the joy of reading. What an enlightening thought!

Hop on over to the Pratham Books blog to check out a list of nature activities that we have done and enjoyed thoroughly and highly recommend. 

What nature-related outdoor activities and art do you do with your kids?

To get more nature ideas, you can come back and check this category  dedicated to our love for the natural world!

Enjoy a beautiful weekend and a festive time ahead as the Christmas count-down has begun. Yippie!

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  • Sally Anan October 22, 2014, 9:49 am

    While I appreciate your efforts in trying to get kids more involved with their environment, there are certain practices that should be avoided. Collecting objects such as leaves, rocks, pine cones etc, can be damaging to the natural system we are trying to get children to care for.

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