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Day 1 of 30-Day Leaf Art Challenge: Inspired by Saptaparni Leaves

30-day leaf art therapy for spiritual pregnancy

So, here it is, folks – my first day of the 30-day Leaf Art Challenge (art + nature therapy) I announced yesterday! Posting a little late in the day as I didn’t find time to sit on laptop – Pari is under the weather today. Nevertheless, I squeezed an hour to take a brisk walk around the neighbourhood, then went about clicking many leaves and trees and other things that caught my eyes. Came back home to cook dinner and then sat for 40 minutes or so to make this art.

Keep reading to know more about the Saptaparni tree, its leaves, flowering season etc. and to see some pictures that I clicked during the nature walk.

Today’s inspiration for art has come from the *‘Saptaparni’ tree (Alstonia scholaris) that line the entire street outside my residential complex. The trees are fairly young still and I’ve not seen them flower yet. But, I’ve studied that they flower between mid October and December. *Also called White Cheesewood, Milkwood Pine, Blackboard Tree, Devil’s Tree

Saptaparni_Devil's Tree_white cheesewood_milkwood pine_blackboard tree

According to the field guide I usually refer to – Trees of Delhi, by Pradip Krishen:

Saptaparni is a large evergreen tree from moist forests in the submontane Himalaya where it reaches 30 m or more, but is stunted in Delhi. Its glossy leaves radiate from a common centre, creating starry symmetries. First planted in Delhi in the late 1940s when Golf Links colony was being laid out, it is now a popular avenue tree.

30-day Leaf Art Challenge

The Saptaparni leaves are attached around a stem like the spokes of a wheel, forming a collar of 4-8 simple leaves – most often 7.

Its flowers are small, greenish white, in tightly packed clusters at the end of branchlets. Strongly scented, especially in the evenings.

And couple of other things that I found click-worthy. Processed these pics for some fun!

cycle of the milkman_India

The milkman’s cycle. I thought the 60’s look suits this pics. What do you think?

summer clay pots_India

And, these pots filled with water for thirsty pedestrians. (Well, it’s usually the poor folks exhausted from work that’ll take a drink from these pots. The water in these clay pots stay cool despite the scorching heat. I have one in my home too.)

So, it’s been a satisfying first day of the 30-day art+nature therapy. Can’t wait to make one more tomorrow and to identify a new tree and learn about it!

30-day leaf art therapy for spiritual pregnancy

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  • sandeep bhogra November 6, 2013, 10:07 pm

    hello rashmie

    finally found time to go thru your leaf art posts. i had made a mental note that i shall go thru it when you were posting in august sometime. last few days i have been observing saptaparni trees as they are laden heavy with the flowers which people tell me are the source of the sweetness we associate with delhi winters. dont know if that is correct. The moment i saw myself watching them in awe and smelling them the mental note rang and i thought of your posts and as i started reading it what do i see, your first post was on saptaparni – call it whatever.

    you and i do share a lot of interests rashmie. thought of dropping you this note.

    Be the way you are. World is a much better place because of people like you. Give love to pari.

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