Making Math fun for Children (and going back to OUR own school days!)

by Rashmie on March 30, 2012 · 15 comments

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Math can be so entertaining, I’d have never fathomed as a child. For, the way it was taught made me hate it to the core!

To make matters worse, the Math teacher – for most part of my schooling – was someone who scared the wits out of me (and many of my classmates) – spanking, glares, threats et al….sigh…

Now that I play-teach Math to Pari, it has revealed itself as the most beautiful subject that can ever be! There’s nothing ‘official’ about how and when we do Math. It can happen in the kitchen, when doing art, while playing cards or board games, when counting and eating strawberries.

Sharing some interesting ideas and resources…

We ‘play’ math a lot with a seemingly mundane tool of everyday use – the weighing scale!

No kidding. The digital weighing scale that I bought couple of years back has triggered many opportunities to explore everyday-Math concepts.

This scale can measure anything as light as less than a gram and as heavy as 10 kilograms.

Sometimes, we do random things with it. At other times, we take it up in an elaborate way.

Recently, we gathered different items from the grocery cabinet and fridge.

Packets of pulses, grain, fruits, vegetables etc.

We started off by measuring a few things and taking notes. Pari loves writing. Hence this part was not a ‘chore’ for her.

Then, Iintroduced a fun game.

Each of us would take turn to guess the weight and then check for its actual weight.

Whose ever’s ‘guess’ would be closer to the actual weight would score a point.

This was an instant hit!

We then moved on to estimating which one’s lighter among two items that seemed to be of similar weight.

Like – the kiwi fruit Vs a tomato. Or, heavier, for that matter.

And, checking back on the scale to see if our guess was right…

We also checked the weight in different units – gram, kilogram, pound. I explained to her in very basic way what each implies.

In between, Pari would go around looking for more things to weigh. By the end of it, the vegetable basket in the fridge was empty. The grocery cabinet was less cluttered, too (wink)

When jotting down the weight of each item, she kept asking for the names of the different types of pulses and what we make from them.

We must have spent couple of hours doing all this but never realized it…

This versus the 45 minutes of Math class that seemed like an eternity to me back then…!

As I write this post, Pari is at her desk with the weighing scale figuring out their weight and taking notes!

This is what she came up with:

Later on, we’re going to translate her notes into a weight chart and try our hands at making a graph. That will be her ‘first’.

Some amazing links for making Math fun:



Was there any subject that you disliked at school? Any particular reason?

And, which subject was your absolute favourite? Why? :-)

I’d love to travel back into your childhood days as you share your story…