Marbling with Puffy Paint – Oh So Open-ended Art for Kids!

by Rashmie Jaaju on October 11, 2011 · 18 comments

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The microwave puffy paint project that I shared yesterday is enjoying a repeat telecast at our home! 

There was quite a bit of left-over paint that had hardened up over the past few days – thanks to my sluggishness. I should have stored it promptly in air-tight containers. Now, that laziness was compensated well by my having to put in that much more effort to restore the dried paint.

Well, yes, I could have washed it down the drain but the guilt would have been hard to handle. So, I added some water to the bowls and let them stand for 10 minutes, after which I mixed them thoroughly to get a uniform consistency, prepared fresh cones all over again and poured the paint into each.

This time, I deliberately diluted the batter more than the previous time with an intention to have Pari try something else.

Something very open-ended and entertaining.

I had a few round thermocol pieces from a packaging. I brought them out and asked Pari to 'pipe' the paint as she fancied. She noticed that the paint was thinner than last time and it was runny. I told her this is where the fun begins. She could try piping one coloured paint over another and then create swirls with a pointed object to see what kind of patterns would form.

Never knew she would be so enamoured with this swirling/marbling technique. All the while that she was doing it, I could see her in rapt attention and in awe of the patterns that were forming due to the paint mixing into each other.

We then put it into the microwave for 30 seconds to bring out a very different looking marbled painting. The colours looked more creamier and the prickly holes added interesting texture.

She went on to do more marbling on styrofoam plate and else where. 

When on the styrofoam plate, I gave her the paint bowls along with spoons so she could pour the paint and have a riot mixing and marbling.

Unlike last time, the baking left cracks this time, which I think happened due to the paint being in very thick layers.

Nevertheless, this process was something a child would enjoy thoroughly. Seeing the colours mix into each other gently and forming marbled effect is a sight to watch – be it for kids or even adults.

I tried my hands too before it was taken over by Pari. I had been itching to do this since Saturday.

What do you think?

I'd love to know any more ideas to do with Puffy Paint. So, share on… :)