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Day 12: Leaf Art Womb – Inspired by Sheesham Leaves (Indian Rosewood)

zentangle art journaling womb baby

I’d been wanting to do my pregnant self-portrait for sometime now. Today was the day. It’s not a portrait really but it’s symbolic – at so many levels. Thank you to the leaves of the Sheesham tree that triggered a vision within me. The leaves – when I laid them out between pages of a book to press and dry, I saw how they looked like my growing belly and the womb and my baby within. The apex of the leaf seemed to look like the birth canal and I knew that moment what I’d like to sketch…

So, check out more pictures – of the art as well as of the Sheesham tree – complete with its fruit, bark et al. Also, a quick peep into my mind when doing the art.

Leaf is Life

The art is self-explanatory, I think. Yet, if I’d to share my thoughts with you, I felt that the leaf is representative of life like nothing else is. It’s the leaves that provide food for the tree by conducting photosynthesis – the life-giving process in which the leaves take in sunlight, water and carbon dioxide and turn it into chemical energy, sugar and oxygen.

zentangle baby womb leaves

Womb – the Nurturer

When a woman is set to become a mother, every cell, every function in her body channels all its energy to make sure her womb provides a safe haven for the growth and well-being (physical and spiritual) of the baby. This is what the leaves do too – they provide the fuel (by the power of chlorophyll) for the tree to carry out its activities.

zentangle art leaves

Womb – The Sacred Feminine

The womb is where the connection between the mother and the baby develops. It’s where the baby connects with herself/himself. And, the womb sets the stage for the baby’s connection with the rest of the universe – from which the baby came and of which he/she will be a part of. Just as the leaf came from the tree and its the leaf that makes the tree complete.

I could write for ever on this. It’s so close to my heart – this philosophy of conscious and holistic pregnancy.

nature journaling for blissful pregnancy

For now, I’ll go back to the tree that inspired this art. The Sheesham tree, which is the Indian Rosewood.

indian rosewood leaves and fruit

As per my field guide – Trees of Delhi, Sheesham is a large tree from river banks in the sub-Himalayan tract, with stout branches supporting an extensive crown. Often crooked in Delhi, where it is only medium-sized.

young leaves of sheesham-Indian rosewood

The leaves of the Sheesham have 3 or 5 leaflets set alternately on the common leaf stalk. The leaf stalk tends to zigzag between the leaflets.

sheesham fruits and leaves

bark of sheesham tree

Sheesham is one of the finest all-round timbers of India – the nut-brown heartwood is hard, heavy, strong, elastic and very handsome.

So, thank you, Sheesham for today’s inspiration. :-)

zentangle leaves womb


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30-Day Leaf Art Therapy: Intention and Purpose

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  • Srishti@ProlificCooking August 14, 2013, 10:48 am

    Only you could think of the connection of baby and womb ,and relate it to the life of a tree and leaves, in such a beautiful way. I was so touched when I saw this piece of art. This pious creation of god in the form of mother, her womb and the baby inside it, is so close to my heart and I feel so deeply about it that this priceless drawing will always be very close to my heart. Hugs to you for this one and all the previous ones that you created in this leaf art journal.

    • Rashmie August 14, 2013, 10:57 am

      Srishti, thank you for this wonderful affirmation. Your comment means a lot. So glad that this art will be in your memory. And, I’ll think about you when I look at it. :-)

  • Aravinda September 3, 2013, 5:45 pm

    Rashmie this is truly touching. Once in a rare while art makes an impression that it is unforgettable and this leaf drawing is such a work of art, such a work of life.

  • Jakob February 19, 2016, 2:25 pm

    I think it is just perfect, but after senieg Remy’s comment, I had another look, and I think she is right. The green would be a more dull colour, as the leaf is actually dying as it turns gold and red.

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