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Day 17: Elements of the Earth in Watercolor Zentangle (Shaving Brush Tree)

watercolor zentangle earth leaves water art journaling

Yesterday again, I had little time to do art at the end of a tiring day. We were out since morning – first to the organic farmer’s market and then to Sunder nursery – which was unfortunately closed. Yet, we were allowed to walk around in the outer section of this nursery that’s more than 60 years old. Hopefully, we’ll go again soon for a full-day nature walk there. So, coming back from all this, I was drained – the humidity was so bad, it didn’t help either. But then, I did manage to complete this art and to satisfaction. Well, if I had sufficient time, I’d have worked more elaborately on the concept. But, the idea is not to get into perfection but to just show up on the day and do it no matter what. On that front, I’m happy with my art. :-)

The art today is inspired by the beautiful Shaving Brush tree that I found just inside the gates of the Sunder Nursery. It was a magnificent tree. And, Pari was enticed too. She did her leaf art too – for the second day in a row, and wants to do one everyday for the remaining 13 days. Check out her art too and the gorgeous pictures of the Shaving Brush tree.

Elements of the Earth Putting Up a Show – Keep Your 5 Senses Alert!

As you may have noticed – from the art and from the title – I wanted to portray the elements of the earth blending and merging into each other – the greens (trees), water and land (rocks). I wanted to show how these elements have art so intrinsic to their nature. So, I’ve shown the rocks all sketched and dressed up for the show that nature puts up every single day. All we have to do is keep our 5 senses open and alert to notice their beauty.

leaf art nature journaling watercolor zentangle

And this is what Pari made:

nature journaling leaf art for kids

The Shaving brush Tree

shaving brush tree Delhi India

According to the field guide – Trees of Delhi, it’s an ornamental tree from Mexico and Guatemala that produces long-stamened pink flowers in spring, when still leafless. The buds are said to open at night with an audible ‘pop’.

leaves of shaving brush tree

The leaves are clustered at the end of the twigs. This species is consistently misidentified in India as Pachira rosea. It’s actually the Pseudobombax ellipticum.

trees of delhi

The bark of the tree is more or less smooth, grey, with shallow, vertical fissures.

Central Delhi is a nature lover’s den! The age-old trees that line the avenues are a sight to watch – Amaltas, Mahrukh, Peepal…When we were driving through these roads yesterday, I just felt like chucking the car and walking the whole length. But, it was raining off and on and we had work to finish. (reminds me of  – “the woods are lovely, dark and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep” by Robert Frost). But then, Mr. Frost, I don’t quite agree with you, the next time I’m in the middle of the woods that – as you say – are lovely, dark and deep, I’ll abandon my To Dos and stay put right there. There’s no bigger promise.

earth water leaves zentangle watercolor

The Day 16 leaf art was all about positive affirmations. Did you see it? If not, it’s right here. :-)


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  • Miquela August 19, 2013, 7:34 pm

    I’ve been enjoying your challenge so much, and it has even helped me identify some trees here in Cairo. Even though I live in one of the–if not the— greenest suburbs of Cairo, I still miss “nature” so much it makes me hurt, body and soul.

    So, when you say this: “But then, Mr. Frost, I don’t quite agree with you, the next time I’m in the middle of the woods that – as you say – are lovely, dark and deep, I’ll abandon my To Dos and stay put right there. There’s no bigger promise…” I have to say, I can’t agree more!

    • Rashmie August 27, 2013, 12:27 pm

      I just replied to one of your recent messages. But, replying late to this one. So sorry…
      I’m so happy that you’re enjoying these leaf art posts. And so glad you are able to identify some trees there in your Cairo city. Actually, that’s one thing I wanted to convey through my posts but have missed probably – that – these trees in Delhi are not limited to just Delhi but people can find them all over the world and identify. Trees in Delhi have been brought from various regions in India and from outside too, so, this project will speak to people far and wide, I feel.

      Thank you for your affirmation about my thought on the Robert Frost quote.
      And a heart-felt hug for this beautiful connection from across the Nile. :-)