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Leaf Art Rangoli or Mandala for Our Diwali Nature Table

Leaf Art Rangoli Diwali Nature Table

The moment I felt a little better yesterday evening, I decided to make this Diwali’s first rangoli – for our nature table.

You might wonder what happened to me?

Sinus! It’s a real nasty thing to have, I tell you. Every bone in the face and head aches. The eye balls seem like rocks; and respiration is the toughest function. There’s not a remotest sense of smell or taste that you can tell. So, you know what I was going through past few days! To make matters worse, Pari was struggling with allergic cough and fever. Argh…

This could have lasted for over a month like it did last November. But, with Diwali just a few days away, I forced myself to take antibiotics so I could spring back into action for our biggest festival just days away….

Gosh, yes, I have tons of fun things dancing in my head for Diwali, which is on Nov. 13.  I couldn’t possibly have let this celebration season sigh at me with pity.

Check out our story and pictures of this lovely pressed leaf ‘Rangoli’ – or more like a ‘Mandala’, may I say…

I decided to bring out all my pressed leaves from the months gone by and put them together in rangoli-like pattern.

The contact paper that Avie had bought from his overseas trip turned out handy to make this leaf rangoli. Inspiration behind it was the gorgeous leaf stain glass art at the Artful Parent. They use contact paper and pressed leaves beautifully, I must say.

contact paper

If you’re not familiar with contact paper, it’s a material that has a transparent surface (or a decorative surface) on one side and highly adhesive material on the other. You can peel off the paper and stick the transparent sheet to line anything you want. People use it to protect a damaged surface, to laminate photos etc or even for craft purpose.

I haven’t seen such a thing here in India. But knowing that we can use it to create some amazing art and DIY stuff, I’d asked Avie to get it when he went to Australia some time back. This was the only thing, I told him, I want from there, if possible! Sadly, our fella wasn’t sure if he got the right thing, and hence got just one roll…sigh! That’s the reason I’ve been using it very very sparingly – saving it only for some special art project.

And, our Nature Table IS special for us, as you all know by now. :-)

I arranged the leaves on the sticky side of the contact paper, making sure the veins would face down. As you can visualize, the vein-side facing down would mean that when the contact paper goes up on the wall (or a glass window/door), the vein-side of the leaves would face forward making it so beautiful.

So, this is how it turned out.

Winter Nature Table for Diwali

The pressed maple leaves with the fall colours that you see, those were sent to us by the lovely Cathy at Nurture Store last year. Yeah, I know, I’ve been rather finicky about how and where to use those. I wanted to make sure I use it in a way that’s very special. Now was the time….

Other leaves are from different nature walks and from places that we’ve been to – in the past one year or so – to South Africa, Himachal Pradesh, Coorg, Dharamsala, Lodhi Gardens (here in Delhi).

Once the leaf rangoli was done, I renovated our nature table. The most prominent aspect there, as you can see – is the pink rangoli that Pari and I made this morning. Actually, it’s a little messed up for our liking. Pari felt bad that she added the pink rangoli powder in between the sparkly outlines that she’d initially done.

Buddha Nature Table Mommy Labs

The outlines were probably good enough. But then, that pink powder is a natural, aromatic powder that’s giving away sweet fragrance. So, it’s good in a way, I guess.

Rangoli on Paper

I’ll share that whole rangoli-making process with you in another post – if time permits – before Diwali.

Diwali Diya Clay Lamps handpainted

I love the glow of those oil-lit clay lamps (diya/deepak). Those were gifted by Avie’s sister – my sis-in-law – Anita. She painted those lamps with acrylic paint and then applied a coat of varnish. Anita also handcrafts pretty beaded jewellery at Alpana.

Nature Art Mommy Labs

In the left bottom corner is our Singing Bowl that we got from Dharamsala last year. I’d written about it in detail in my first Nature Table post, if you’d like to read.

Nature Art Kalash

I love the look and feel of a clay ‘Kalasha‘ (pitcher) and am also trying to understand its spiritual and religious meaning in our culture. Around its neck, I’ve tied the ‘Rudraksha‘ (prayer beads) mala.

I’m not a religious person, so these symbols don’t appeal to me in that sense. But, I must say, I get positive and peaceful vibes from them and they help me keep noisy thoughts aside when I sit for a while to meditate or to chant.

Plus (and this is the truth!) – they evoke my creative and artful imagination. I applied some mehendi/henna on the clay pitcher, on the river stones, on the drift wood, on a pressed leaf… (pic below)

Hey, I just need an excuse to dabble with art here and there. And it doesn’t matter to me me if my art is not good; if it’s not praised. Yes, I mean it – it doesn’t matter. All that matters is – I feel tranquil and calm when I do that.

Painted Diwali Diya Deepak Clay Lamps

Can you feel the glow, too? :-) Sending you warm vibes, my friends!

Pressed Leaf Art Rangoli Mandala

We’re going to make some more rangolis – with coloured sand, flower petals, coloured saw dust etc. I’ll try my best to share those pictures with you over the next 2-3 days. I know we have a weekend ahead. Yet, I’ll try to make up for all the lost time and do a post over the weekend. :-) So, don’t forget to check back.

In the meantime, sharing some sand art and other ideas for Diwali art.

Nature Table for Diwali

What are you all busy with?

What are your top to-dos for this weekend – the Diwali weekend? :-)

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  • Snehal Saraiya November 9, 2012, 9:40 pm

    Hi Rashmie,

    I have been following your blog since sometime now and have been meaning to write to you about how wonderful your posts are and that they inspire me to the core. I am doing up my 3 year old son’s room and wanted ideas for his nature table and I came across yours and I am oh-so -in love with it. I am closely following waldrof to set that rhythm in our house. The pink rangoli looks beautiful. I just returned from goa and have collected shells and colored stones which I plan to use for the diwali nature table. Looking forward to more pictured from your nature table. Thanks for inspiring us.

    Happy Diwali,

  • Mary November 10, 2012, 9:44 pm

    Thank you for sharing the Leaf Art Project, all others. There are so many great activities that we can do during each season. Thank you for showing, and sharing some. Best, Mary at http://www.diligentnanny.webs.com
    You can als visit my Blog@
    Look forward to sharing!

  • maryanne @ mama smiles November 11, 2012, 6:01 am

    I love your Diwali table! I hope you are all feeling well for the celebrations!

  • Roshni November 13, 2012, 10:17 pm

    The table looks wonderful! Glad you have recovered from your sinus enough to enjoy the celebrations!