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Day 6 of Leaf Art and Nature Therapy: Inspired by Jadi Leaves (Ficus amplissima)

leaf art_nature_journaling_jadi_ficus amplissima_india

Today’s leaf art encompasses the entire tree of ‘Jadi’ (Indian name) – complete with leaves, raw and ripe fruits, trunk and aerial roots. No wonder I feel so whole and satisfied. I stuck to sketching and coloring (and not adding any other media) because drawing the aerial roots itself was a test of my nerves!

Read on for more pictures of this tree from the woods and to know my thoughts on why I chose the leaves of the Jadi or the Ficus amplissima tree today.

Like I mentioned, I chose to draw the whole tree today and the inspiration to do this came from the sight of this tree during the nature walk. The aerial roots that weaved themselves around the tree trunk was a mystical and weird sight. Normally I’ve seen strangler trees (like Banyan – see the pics) wrap their aerial roots around other trees (read ‘victims’!) but this one – the Jadi – seems to have strangulated itself.

When I came back home to refer to the filed guide – Trees of Delhi, I found the same note – that the aerial roots of Jadi are typically strangler-like but they wrap themselves around the trunk in the absence of a ‘victim’. Is that suicidal or survival?! Ha!

jadi tree art_ficus amplissima_india

Secondly, the fruits (figs) of the Jadi tree were a delight to watch – in their deep purple flamboyance. There were some immature ones that were pale green.

And then, the shiny leaves with tapering ends (somewhat peepal-like) were a beauty. They looked even more beautiful with rain drops glistening on their surface and the light shining against their unique vein network.

Trees of Delhi mentions that Jadi – a handsome fig tree is native to Central and South India and seems to prosper in Delhi’s climate. It is distinguished by its yellowish bark and stalkless figs that ripen deep purple.

Art – the process, the vision, the limitation….

You know what, in the past 6 days, I’ve felt it’s difficult to time-bind the process of art. I mean, I only have limited time to complete one piece for the day but the vision that I share for each and every piece is much more than what I can accomplish in that time frame. Now, this is a challenge and a real predicament. It’s a predicament of the heart really. For my heart says, I should spend more time on each piece, fulfill my vision, keep working at it till I’m thoroughly satisfied. But, I also have to finish that art within that date and move on to a new one the next day. Just venting…. :-)

leaf art_nature journaling_study_30-day challenge


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