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Integrating Art & Writing: A Movie Poster based on a Story Book!

Integrating art and writing for kids learning homeschool india

Time and again, I’ve noticed Pari’s motivation to write shifts into a new, high gear when the writing project is integrated with art, and she has a theme to work on.

In the past, I’ve shared here her autobiography writing assignment that was supported by a bunch of photos.

Or, the script writing project backed by pictures of animals from our South Africa safari.

I’m giving her more and more such art-themed and yet open-ended writing projects these days.

As I’d mentioned in a post some time back, she loves writing letters and has written tons of them. But, last couple of  weeks, she has not felt motivated enough to take up pure writing – in an open-ended, express-your-thoughts sort of way.

She’s been excitedly doing crosswords and wanting to learn new words during our reading and story telling sessions. She loves highlighting those words with her fluorescent marker.

But she’s been shying away from writing in her journal.

I have decided to make writing sound like part of one or other art project.

You can say, her writing is now disguised as art. And, she’s so happy!

Yesterday, she did one such beautiful writing+art project.

I first read a story to her from her favourite book about animals. It has very interesting legends or folk tales about animals from South Africa. We picked it up during our recent trip.

She highlighted the words she thought were new to her or interesting.

Then, I asked her if she could make a movie based on this story; would that excite her?

The answer was very much a “yes”.

I prodded her further and asked if she’s seen any movie posters?

Yes again.

“What do you see in them?”. “Big photos of hero and heroine and name of the movie”.

I kept prodding – “…and may be some clues about the story of the movie”

I asked if she would be interested in making a movie poster for her film based on this

story. She thought for a few seconds. May be she was visualizing in her mind how to go about it.

And, all of a sudden, she started drawing in her art book.

I asked her what was she upto. She said – “I already have an idea”.

I said, “wonderful, I’ll wait to see what you make” and left the room.

Some time later, she comes to me with her hands behind and shows me the sketches.

I was zapped to see her pencil drawings of the animals – Kudu and Jackal and text clouds. I thought they were brilliant.

I don’t normally encourage her consciously to draw looking at pictures from story books. But, in this case, when she started drawing from the story book, I didn’t stop her.

I think her drawings and text were nicely juxtaposed.

She asked me if Kudu (the good animal) in the story was her hero, what would she call the Jackal (the bad guy).

I said, it’s called a ‘Villain’ in the film parlance.

She went ahead and described her two characters. And finally, coloured them both in vibrant and bold – brown, green and blue.

The little girl had obviously put her heart into it. And, that’s what I told her. That – she’s put her best effort into it and hence it came out so well.

I went on to discuss a few design elements with her. Like – I liked the size of her animals. They were in ‘proportion’ with the space and size of her poster. I explained what proportion means.

Integrated learning – again. I love this approach. You never know where you can introduce a math concept into an art project or a science concept when baking cookies!

Your thoughts? :)

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  • Phyllis Bergenholtz November 19, 2011, 3:51 pm

    This is brilliant…both the idea and the outcome. I love how you have described the whole creative process. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Natalie November 21, 2011, 10:35 pm

    Very cool art/writing project. My daughter is definitely a writer, and not an illustrator – she writes a lot when the mood strikes her and then illustrates her writing later (also when the mood strikes her).

    • Anonymous November 24, 2011, 5:48 am

      @Natalie – the mood – yeah – that’s the key with these kiddos! It’s with Pari too. She loves writing one day and the other – she’s in no mood for it. Same goes for art – especially illustrating. She’s ready to do some DIY most of the times though :))

  • Classifiedmom1 November 26, 2011, 1:46 am

    Love it and am going to feature it this week on The Sunday Showcase!

  • Megan @ CoffeeCupsandCrayons August 7, 2012, 7:37 pm

    Her illustrations are fantastic!!! Love this activity!

  • Shilpa August 10, 2012, 2:00 pm

    My boy hates writing …he needs 3D stuff …like Lego vehicles to make animated movies :) . But he enjoys drawing a lot. Am going to try this approach to encourage some basic writing ……lovely idea.