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Painted Bottles Become Fairy Garden Play (Plus My Reflections and Remorse)

fairy garden pretend play kids hand painted bottles and jars

It’s hard to believe I’ve not posted here for nearly 10 days now! Every day, I write articles – in my mind but when it comes to writing them down and executing into blog posts, time has eluded me. Well, has it, really? Or, is it me, instead, who’s not been able to muster up that extra dose of initiative, which I think I normally do and which keeps me going….? I don’t know…

But, I do think that lately things have had the ability to break my rhythm even before I come to realize….! phew!

Got to work on this.

In the meantime, Pari and I did dozens of fun and creative things. We painted, decorated her room, made a gorgeous bunting, went for ‘designer cupcake baking’ class, read and wrote poetry and much more. We also got together with some Homeschooling families in Delhi and couple of others from Chennai and Hyderabad. This get-together was very meaningful. Pari wrote about it on her blog recently.

Today, though – I’ll continue from where I left last – in the post about our hand painted glass bottles. Remember, I told you how those bottles lended themselves to a fun and beautiful fairy garden pretend play?

So, here are the pictures from that play. And a reflective, heart-felt story behind it… :-)

hand painted glass bottles for decor gardening

The way this evolved – integrating play, nature, drama, writing, family bonding – along the way, was amazing!

So, the idea developed after I came back from a nature walk – with a bunch of wild flowers, leaves, grass etc.

Yes, I initially wanted to buy some flowers from the market and decorate those bottle vases.

But then, decided against it. Why spend over ‘bought’ flowers. And, why only garden flowers. Isn’t nature beautiful in any form – be it the roses, the wild flowers or the weeds…

So, on the way back from the local market, I asked hubby to pull the car over so I could get down and walk home taking that one road which is inundated with greens – thanks to a late but plentiful monsoon (rainy season in India).

When I came back home, I was teary eyed and poignant. The nature in its wild, fancy-free form had that effect on me. I mean – really, walking that stretch of road was blissful as well as painful…

Yes, that irony was stark.

It was humbling as well as hurting to see nature trying to find its place in the middle of rubbish and garbage strewn all around…

What can I say – it made me fill with angst – the filth and the stench. Shame washed over me to see that even as we go about dumping with careless abandon, nature continues to create beauty and restore sanity.

But, for how long…?

How much more can we push our planet? 

What kind of earth are we going to leave to our children and grand children…?

The chirpings of the birds from the trees – as much as they were music to my ears, they seemed to me like painful pleas….

I came back home with a heavy heart. I was almost on the brink of crying my heart out. There was a lump in my throat that ached…

But then, Pari came running and she was excited about placing the twigs and leaves in those glass bottles.

fairy garden play

And we got engaged in a fairy-tale play. Life goes on…

handpainted rocks and bottles

She cooked magical potions.

Made me drink it and asked for a wish.

pretend play fairy garden

I wished to be a lotus flower, which she turned me into.

She wrote all that as a message to my family – that I have chosen to transform from a human to a lotus! :-)

fun writing ideas for children

And then, lot of acting and drama ensued. Me floating and dancing over the silvery waters of the pond.

She creating magical effects with her fairy dust.

garden fairy pretend play with painted bottles

Finally, she places a condition over when and how I could become a human again.

painted glass bottles gardening vases

A human again? Well, who wanted to be that? I didn’t, at least. I was happy being a Lotus. That way, I would not pollute the waters ever again. Even in my death, I would serve as food  for the creatures of that pond. And my earth may breathe a little more freely…

Some thoughtful words by Wendell Berry:

The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy and after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.

Here are some pictures of the individual glass bottle vases. Don’t they look beautiful with the wild flowers and leaves?

painted glass bottle vase

I’d painted this with pearl white and yellow acrylic cone liner (Fevycryl)

painted lotus glass jar vase

I love shooting into the sunlight! Chuck those rules that say the source of light should be behind your lens and not facing it…! Ha!

handpainted glass jar upcycled into vase

jar painted with glass colours and turned into flower vase

Here are some more ideas for fairy play and for connecting with nature :-)

Do you have any blog posts for fairy or nature play? Please feel free to share below.

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  • maryanne @ mama smiles September 5, 2012, 12:55 am

    Your painted glass bottles are stunning, and I love the idea of using them for a fairy garden!

  • Mansi September 13, 2012, 9:06 pm

    I love the wonderful fairy garden. I am big fan of fairy garden and presently working on our new fairy garden

  • Becki October 1, 2012, 11:02 pm

    Gorgeous. I was getting teary about your walk home. Wow! What thoughts that we care so little for this precious home of ours…