Hand Painted Glass Bottles and Jars: So Many Ways to Paint

by Rashmie on August 17, 2012 · 19 comments

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hand painted glass bottles and jars art DIY ideas for kids

Okay, so an image that I posted last week on my Facebook page created quite a stir! I asked people to guess what this was. From kaliedoscope to bangle to telescope to candle holder  to shot glass – people let their imagination run riot….. Some said it’s a painted glass bottle. Yes, that is the right answer. :-) (sorry, my FB friends – I took so long to share, even though I said I’d share soon)

And, I have quite a few for you to see – both painted glass bottles as well as jars. I’ve been hoarding these for couple of years now. And, last week – in a whimsical moment, I thought – okay enough is enough, I’ve got to bring those dusty bottles out; wash, scrub (soak them overnight in soapy water) and transform – just in time for August 15 – India’s Independence Day.

Pari and I combined painted around 10 bottles and jars. There are many more to go. And, I want to paint them using many more techniques. This time, we used these paints:

  • Acrylic colour – standard shades as well as ‘pearl colours’
  • Glass colour and liner
  • Puffy paint
  • Ceramic colours

Pari painted along side me as well as with a friend of hers.

Acrylic colours are hard to clean, hence I always line the table with newspapers or a transparent, plastic table mat.

glass bottles painting ideas for kids

Here’s Pari’s creation:

painting on bottles ideas for kids

I wasn’t able to click her friend’s bottle painting as she was much eager to take it home as soon as done! I can so understand…. :-)

We had a packet of Camlin glass colours that we really wanted to try out. So, both of us decorated these jars.

Piping out the black colour from the sqeeze-tube was not easy for Pari. Her fingers were sore by the end of it. But, she tried. She wanted to try the rose pattern that I’d made.

And this is how it turned out. Perfect holders for our colourful gel pens….

hand painted jars with glass colours

I went on to paint a bunch of glass bottles and jars.

hand painted glass bottles and jars repurpose for artful vases for decor

First four that I painted were in the theme of India’s flag – our tricolour and the national symbols – the Tiger (National animal) and Lotus (National Flower) and Peacock (national bird). I have to tell you – more than how the art turned out, the satisfaction of doing it in the spirit of the Independence Day was precious to me.

mommy labs art craft DIY ideas for children and adults

The black designs are done using ceramic colour. The rest  (orange, white) are acrylic colours. I’ve noticed that ceramic colours lend an amazing smoothness and gloss – much more than acrylic colours.

india tricolour art hand painted glass bottle

As you may have understood, I first painted the orange stripes and then dripped the white over it by pressing the brush onto the rim.

india independence day theme art glass bottle painting tiger stripes

I got this shade of orange by mixing pearl orange and a pinch of standard orange. The black is again – ceramic paint.

hand painted bottle glass lotus india August 15

Lotus. Used pearl pink and pearl yellow of the Fevycryl Acrylic Colours.

hand painted glass bottle peacock theme india national bird

And this one – inspired by the colours of the peacock’s feathers….

paint collage abstract art on glass jars

I really enjoyed doing this one. It’s more of an abstract art or a collage. Even a graffiti you may say. To do this, I first applied a base coat of white. Then, black acrylic over it. And brown over the black leaving some patches of black in between for a bold, quirky look.  Finally, I applied some brush strokes of yellow, orange, red. Made some abstract designs combined with text. Not sure if you like it, but I love playing with paint this way….! :-)

Here’s another side of this same jar:

hand painted glass jars

One more view: ‘H is for Home’

Guess what, these bottles are serving as more than just decor items in our home. Yesterday, Pari and I turned these into a fairy garden. And, we went on to play for couple of hours! Avie joined in for a bit, too! I can’t wait to show you the pictures from our fairy garden pretend play and share some stories that emerged from this play…..

hand painted glass bottles and jars india independence day theme flag lotus tiger

BTW, from among the ones I painted, which one do you like best? Just asking…for some fun Friday chat! ;-)

Have a great weekend!

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