Enjoying the Art and Science of Microwave Puffy Paint

by Rashmie Jaaju on October 10, 2011 · 45 comments

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puffy paint art for kids

Friends, I know it’s been relatively quiet here on the blog as I have not been able to share much past whole week. The ‘quiet’ here is being compensated with the extra buzz in our home,  what with new family members visiting us this whole month. Avie’s parents are here from down south (of India) and in a week my sis-in-law will arrive with her family and in-laws. It’s going to be a packed house – literally!

So, Diwali, (one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals) this year, is going to be twice as bright and shiny. I will do my best to write about our festive art and craft and celebration, but, friends, please bear with me if I am not able to share as frequently.

One place, where I try to be in touch with you all every single day and share ideas is on Mommy Lab’s facebook page. Hence, if you aren’t connected with me over there, you can do so by ‘liking’ my page.

Now, for the artsy activity we did this past Saturday. We’ve been wanting to make Puffy paint for a while now after I saw these beautiful creations over here. I mentioned about it to Pari roughly but did not show her the pictures as I wanted to keep the surprise element for the moment. Also, I think showing her before hand could influence her own process and imagination.

puffy paint art ideas to do with children

Making Puffy Paint is easy peasy and the result – not just fun and beautiful but also an interesting science experiment in itself.

All the ingredients are generally available in every kitchen.

Out of one batch, I intended to make four portions in four different colours.

I set aside one cup refined flour in a big bowl. Mixed three tea-spoons baking powder and one tea-spoon salt. To this I added enough water so as to get a thick pouring consistency.

making edible paint with flour

In the next step, I divided the batter into four smaller bowls and had Pari add food colours to each. She chose green and orange. She wanted yellow and blue too, which we didn’t have. Hence, we added blue poster paint and 1 tea spoon turmeric powder to get yellow paint.

edible paint art kids

recipe for handmade puffy paint

In the final step, I poured these into the cones that I had made in advance with transparent plastic sheets. I tied the top end with elastic band and also taped them so they would not leak.

cone painting with puffy paint

painting with edible paint

And then, Pari and her friend settled down to make these patterns by squeezing the cones onto cardboards that I tore off from old boxes. The frame-shaped cardboard was originally the inside packaging of a board game.

how to make puffy paint at home

cone painting with edible puffy paint

While, Pari’s friend made flower/leaf shapes, Pari did some abstract, free-flowing art. I think both have their own charm. I think Pari’s art looks more like mehendi/henna designs that we do on palms.

Besides painting with the cones, they also used buds/Q-tips to apply dots etc.

puffy paint edible paint art for toddlers

Once the artwork was done, it was time for the part that the girls were much eager for – the baking of their artwork.

The paintings were slid off into the microwave one by one and we ‘baked’ for 30-40 seconds at 200 degree centigrade.

When we took each out, they was greeted with eyes wide open and mouths agape!

puffy paint art painting

puffy painting

And, the comparison and analysis followed to see whose painting was more puffy!

microwave puffy paint art

The inference being that where-ever the paint was applied nice and thick, it puffed up better compared to the part that was thin.

We also discussed the science behind the art – as in how the baking soda made the painting rise and left tiny holes upon microwaving.

Check out another interesting version of art with the same puffy paint. We made this the next day!

Marbling with Puffy Paint

Have you done art with edible paint?

If so, we would love to know any more recipe for edible and/or puffy paint. Another one we are going to try soon is with shaving cream+glue. Keep an eye out!

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