Art, Craft and Decor Ideas from the Dastkar Nature Bazaar (photo essay)

by Rashmie on November 5, 2012 · 10 comments

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Dastkaar Nature Bazar – the annual craft and environmental fair – inaugurated in Delhi on Oct. 26 and I’m so happy with myself that we could visit the fair the very next day. It doesn’t happen often that I plan to attend something – a fair, a concert, an exhibition, a play etc and am able to visit eventually. Yes, plans do go awry and I regret the opportunity lost….

Having said that, for a few months now, we’ve been fairly consistent with visiting these outdoor opportunities within our city (Delhi) for us to enjoy, learn and experience with Pari. I do think that Pari’s homeschooling actually lies in being out of home – in exploring places, sights, textures, flavors and trends, displays. And, bringing those rich experiences back into our homes to dwell upon, discuss, write about, draw, build, cook or craft.

The Dastkar Nature Bazaar was a sight to behold. If an artwork is a harmony of paint, idea and a story then the Dastkar nature bazar was a rhapsody of a billion artworks overlapping each other.

Can you visualize what I’m trying to say? May be yes. But, may be you’d like to see some pictures and get art, craft and decor inspiration for Diwali and other festivals up ahead…

Dastkar nature Bazaar 2012

But then, the pictures will only convey so much. The real picture lies in the sensory experience that those sounds, sights, textures and aromas created. The combined effect was like a symphony for my heart and soul and for Pari’s. The learning connections her young mind must have formed is beyond my comprehension and words…

Enjoy this photo essay!

More inspiration for art/craft that we’ve already tried

We spotted some creations below and were reminded of the things that Pari and I’ve made. Seeing these we got some fresh ideas to delve deeper – papier mache, handpainted bottles, tie dye…

Indian art craft Mommy Labs

This is a Papier (paper) Mache Name Plate. Incidentally, Dastkar showcased many and diverse papier mache creations. As you know, last week Pari and I’d made papier mache bowls, too. We got many more ideas at Dastkar.

handpainted bottles Dastkar

Hand painted bottles. Aren’t these GORGEOUS. (more ideas for us since we painted those glass bottles)

handmade birds paper mache

Paper Mache Birds

Papier paper mache mirror frame

Paper Mache Mirror Frames

indian duppattas lehria Jodhpur style

Tie Dye Leheria Dupattas (stoles). Leheria is a distinctive Rajasthani style of tie dye that results in wave-like complex pattern. Leheria is a Rajasthani name for wave. Check out Pari’s first try – tie dye handkerchiefs!

And now…

The Unusual and Eye-catching!

gourd lamp Dastkar nature Bazaar

What do you think this is made of?

gourd handmade lamp Dastkar nature Bazaar

And this?

gourd Ganesha Dastkar nature Bazaar

What about this?

artisan Dastkar nature Bazaar

So, here’s the artistan who made all the above creations.

And – can you believe – he made those by carving dried bottle gourds! Yes, that what those lantern-lamps were – dried bottle gourds.

Now, some pretty portraits and people!

Dastkar nature Bazaar 2

This little girl was busier than her mom (picture below) sorting through earrings! (She happens to be my niece, Sarah, by the way!)

Boy, does she keep herself busy – busy chatting people up, asking for price, “bhaiya iska kitna paisa” (how much does this cost, brother).

Dastkar nature Bazaar

Sarah’s mom, my sis-in-law (bhabhi) and the blogger at Prolific Cooking. At Dastkar, she was too busy (looking for knick knacks to do up Sarah’s room) to think about food!

Tarun Tahiliani Fashion Designer India with Pari Mommy Labs

Those who’re even remotely familiar with the Indian fashion industry – any guesses who this personality is?

Tarun Tahiliani Candid shot with Pari Mommy Labs

Yes, Tarun Tahiliani, he is! When we spotted him surveying the trends at the far end, I told Pari about him. Knowing that she’s been very interested in drawing designs lately, I thought she’d love to meet him up close. And, delighted she was – and so was he –  as I clicked them together!

positivity and happiness Dastkar nature Bazaar

Coming just after the celebrity profile above, you might think this one’s some celebrity too. Sorry, no, she’s not! But, her cheerful demeanor made me stop and click. There was a positive aura about her that I liked. Before doing that, I went up to her and asked if I could take a picture for my blog. Also, told her that it was her optimistic persona that drew me. We slapped high fives in the air on this note!

handwoven saree Dastkar nature Bazaar

I love such sarees  – handwoven cotton or silk with warm, rustic colours.

art craft trend spotting India

Bought a pair of earrings and a necklace from this shop…

gorgeous ceramic bowls

Ceramics and clay work fascinate me endlessly. I’ve been wanting to learn pottery and clay work for some time now. Met a national-award winner clay artist here, from my native Rajasthan. Turns out that he doesn’t live very far from our place in Delhi. I plan to visit him after Diwali to explore if Pari and I can learn from him.

ceramics art Mughal style clay work Dastkar nature Bazaar

colours of clay

The colours of these mugs are dull compared to the Mughal-style bowls above. But, I love this textured, unfinished look.

clay mugs Dastkar nature Bazaar

pine cones food Dastkar nature Bazaar

The theme of this Dastkar bazaar being nature, there were such stuff as well – herbs, seeds, sun-dried mushrooms…

seeds Dastkar nature Bazaar

Seeds: coriander, tomato, fenukreek, spinach, mustard…

woven bowls Dastkar nature Bazaar

Woven reed baskets. I can visualize this as a lamp shade too!

woven weed bowls Dastkar nature Bazaar

fabric textures Dastkar nature Bazaar

The range of handwoven fabric that we can find in India is mesmerizing. Read up more if you’re interested in the history of textile weaving in India.

The colours, textures, feel, fall – they have my mind swirling!

dancing dolls Dastkar nature Bazaar

The puppet dolls – the fun part about these dolls is that their head and body are perpetually in a state of motion- not because they are battery-charged. But because these body parts are sort-of hinged! It’s amusing to see these hundreds of dolls swaying their heads from side to side. And, some dancing dolls swaying their hips too!

The Dastkar Nature Bazaar is on till Nov. 9. Those of you here in Delhi, don’t miss a chance to see the crafts, meet the craftspeople, enjoy folk performances, learn at the workshops and relish the food. We enjoyed the ‘sabudana khichdi’ and the ‘thali peeth’ from the Maharastra food stalls. The Cocum soda is our favourite too!

For others, I hope you enjoyed this virtual trip and got some ideas and inspiration for things to make at home or to shop from at crafts fair where you live.

Which item/idea caught your eye among these? Just curious…!

And hey, how’s your festival shopping for gifts and other things coming along?