Creating My “Me Time”: Leaf Decoupage Votive Candle Holder

by Rashmie Jaaju on November 15, 2011 · 22 comments

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Last week, it was time to bring out those pressed leaves and the glass jars and bottles in all shapes and sizes that I'd been hoarding for such a long time.

For, an idea was bursting in my head to take shape.

Did I ever mention to you my eternal love for candles? If I've not, here's an opportunity for me to shout out from roof tops – I DROOOOOOOOOOL OVER CANDLES! (hint, hint and wink, wink!)

Any type – the plain white tall ones, the aromatic ones, the coloured ones, the ones with dried leaves and petals pressed onto them – I have to really exercise restraint over my urge to buy them – left, right, center! 

Lighting up the house with candles can add some good cheer instantly. No amount of artificial lighting can match the spirit.

Don't you think so?

So, an art project that has been on my mind for long, was to come alive finally. It involves my favourite art material – leaves, and a method that both Pari and I love – decoupage. We've done quite a few projects in the past involving these two. One of those was the leaf decoupage greeting cards that we made during Holi. Recently, when I saw this decoupage collage at The Chocolate Muffin tree, I got a vision.

t's funny that I pressed the leaves between those pages that show ways for self massage for some relaxation. These leaves are nothing short of relaxing and rejuvenating. 

Alright –  so the tissue box, the diluted PVA glue (fevicol), the flat brush – these were all in place.

Pari had gone out to play. So, it was just me – all set to indulge in an activity that I find amazingly stress relieving.

The technique is simple. 

First, I applied a coat of the diluted glue on the jar. You can use any decoupage solution for this – Mod Podge or anything else.

I arranged the leaves as I wanted to.

Once the leaves had settled, I applied another coat of glue on them and placed the torn-off pieces of tissue paper gently over the leaves. And, another coat of glue. I did this all over the jar. And, waited for one layer to dry before applying another round of tissue through out.

Now, this is upto you to decide how many layers of tissue you want. The more layers you do, milkier will be the look. Also, they will add more texture. 

I did three layers.

I had to do something else to make it a little more festive.

Decided to play around with the glass colours I had. I added  few drops of pink and yellow colour on the rims of each jar and let them drip to the bottom. Then, I dropped some tiny glass marbles in the jar, covered the mouth with a plate and shook the jars vigorously.

This allowed the colour to spread all over the inside of the jar making intricate zig-zag patterns. Pure delight!

I let it dry thorougly over night and then some more the next day – in the afternoon sun. 

In the evening, I placed a candle inside each jar and switched off the lights to revel in the glow of these handmade beauties!

When hubby came home, he was treated to a romantic welcome!


Folks, I can't stop at these two. I have lot many empty jars, drinking glasses that I plan to turn into lovely candle holders over the next few days. 

Got any more ideas for how to beautify those jars?

Please, please, pretty please – let your ideas rolling!