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Before and After: Disposable Curd Box Pen Holder

‘C’ for Cat is oh-so-boring!
How about – ‘C’ for Creativity; ‘C’ for Craft ?

Spending time doing art and craft projects with Pari – my 4 year old daughter – is much more than just nurturing a love for creativity in her.

It’s a therapy for both of us that helps calm our anxieties, give vent to nervous energy and keep us focused. And most of all – it’s our best way to bond and share and exchange ideas…

So, honestly speaking, it’s as much for my own sake as it is for her :)

Among various activities that we do using water colours, poster colours, plastic crayons, wax crayons, glitters, oil pastels etc., we also absolutely looooove doing the ‘before and after’ projects.

I have always encouraged her to reuse and upcycle old items to create something new and nice. This habit, now, has been internalized in her to an extent that she brings back disposable glasses from coffee shops, icecream cups and sticks, popcorn glasses and what have you – so she can recreate those into something else.

Recently, we saved the curd/yogurt box to convert it into a pen/markers/pencil holder.

This is the ‘before-and-after’ picture!

Pari applied the glue happily. While, I helped her stick the tissue. She coloured the base ink-blue all by herself. I sought her ideas on decorating. She wanted flowers. So, I helped cut the felt flowers. She stuck them and also adorned with the stones. I added the details with the tube colours! :)

And here is the step by step process:

What you will need:

1. Disposable box/coffee mug/curd box
2. PVA Glue/ Fevicol
3. Acrylic/Fabric/Poster Colours and Brush
4. Colourful Felt
5. Stones/Beads


1. Clean the box thoroughly
2. Apply PVA glue and stick 1 layer of tissue paper all over – except the inside.
3. Let it dry for a few minutes and once again apply OVA glue and second layer of tissue.
4. It should be firm upon drying.
5. Colour the box with acrylic, fabric or poster colour. (we used ink-blue fabric colour)
6. Cut some colourful felt into flower and letter shapes and stick them on (we cut the felt into ‘c’ – for craft/creativity)
7. You can use beads or stones to further adorn the felt flowers (we used some red stones from her broken hair-band!)
8. Use tube colours to do detailing and add some dimension

Other views:


Will come back and share more ideas with the same box. Pari’s school summer vacation has begun and I have already prepared a mile-long list of projects to do!

What art and craft did you do with your kid recently? I would love to hear your fresh ideas…!

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  • Manish May 9, 2010, 5:59 pm

    Wow! this is fabulous! I would love to put it on my desk :) will ask pari to gift me one on my next b’day :) I like the fact that you have both written about your experience of creating this cute little box with Pari as well as cared to share the process of creating the craft.

    What are you girls working on next?! :)

  • Marvis Cantrelle August 4, 2010, 9:12 pm

    I just needed to say that I found your site via Goolge and I am glad I did. Continue the good work and I will make certain to bookmark you for when I have far more totally free time away from the books. Thanks!

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