Art Journaling Inspiration from the Heart of Goa

by Rashmie on May 26, 2014 · 11 comments

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art journaling with children inspired by birds

Writing my first blog post from Goa! Yes, we’re here and more or less settled. Well, there still are many loose ends; couple of boxes and suitcases that are yet to be unpacked, but even then, we’re feeling quite at home now. So much so that Pari and I were inspired to do some art journaling the other day.

Interestingly, both she and I kept birds at the centre of our theme or rather – at the center of our thoughts. I say “thoughts” because that’s how art journaling is – it goes where your thoughts and feelings lead you. You don’t have to have a ‘theme’ before you start.

art journaling_3

I started with a blank canvas (in my mind). Then – a strip of washi tape. The washi tape presented itself ┬álike a perch for those blissful, active little birdies that I spot every morning in our backyard. (yard? well, yes, we do have one now. Finally. That small piece of earth that I’d longed for, for years!)

children and nature

The inspiration behind my art journal – the oriental mag pie robins – are all over our backyard.

Actually, not only oriental mag pie robins, our yard and the fields around are home to a large variety of birds – of the wet-land (there’re couple of ponds right next to the backyard) as well as grass-land.


(purple heron and the white-breasted water hen)

goa bird watching

White-cheeked barbet

Thanks to Sufiana, who wakes up really early – sometimes before sunrise, I get to witness the birds in action all around. And, their sweetest of sounds. Sometimes, quite noisy too, as they huddle on the mango tree or the cinnamon tree.

birds of goa

These are the noisiest ones feasting on the ripe fruits of the Cinnamon tree.

Well, at the risk of sounding like I’m bragging – I’m sharing these small details about the trees, birds et al for I want to share my joy. To tell you the truth, I can’t believe my good fortune of having some trees in our front yard and backyard.

white throated kingfisher

White-throated kingfisher (clicked by Avie). This guy leaves our hearts gasping for more and more views. His turquoise-blue, chestnut combination is a sight to behold. Preys on crabs, amphibians, reptiles and fish.

This was the dream I’ve been living for nearly a decade now. I’ve visualized every bit of how our home would be. I’ve passed on the positive vibes from every cell of my body. God knows how intensely and feverishly I’ve dreamed.

And, the dream is reality now. I’d never fancied a luxurious house. I’d always yearned for something rustic, in the middle of greens, with a piece of land to myself where I would grow vegetables. Where my children would dig and get dirty. Where I’d dig up a pit and do vermi-composting. The earthworms would be my friends. My pets.

So, hmmm…was I talking about art journaling? You bet. :-)

I drifted off to birds and trees and dreams. But then, those are all connected. Aren’t they? Art doesn’t happen in vacuum. Does it?

art journaling_5

Now, talking about our art journal, we used some washi tapes in there. Gosh, I love washi tape. I could use it everywhere if possible.

Well, actually, I HAVE used these in quite a few ways. To decorate my kitchen shelves, to decorate some glass bottles, to embellish switch boards. I’ll share pics of those in another post.

If you’d like to start with art journaling, you can refer to some of the past posts. Art journaling is healing. I’ve said that before. But, I keep saying for I’ve experienced first-hand how every-time my feel-good hormones (oxytocin) run out, art journaling really helps me connect with my noisy inner self. The noise, I’ve seen, drowns after just a few minutes of immersing myself in art journaling. The chatter subsides. And, I feel calmer.

art journaling_8

I’ve seen the same effect on Pari. I’ve seen her engrossed – heads down, oblivious to distractions.

And, I’m always amazed by how art journaling brings out the poet in her. Not just beautiful words for the sake of sounding good. But, real thoughts turned into poetic verses.

washi tape art journaling

If you haven’t tried art journaling yet, do try. And yes, find a quiet corner in your garden or on your terrace or balcony. How about during sunset or sunrise. There’s something magical about these hours. The sun (at these times) has a knack to evoke nostalgia. Or touch the chords of the heart that are hard to string. Flood yourself in that mystical light. Put it out there on the paper.

art journaling_6

Go wild with the type of media you use – wool, dry leaves, magazine cuttings, stamps, sepia pages from old books, black and white photos, tickets (train, airline, fair, museum…).

Use what’s close to your heart. Do what pleases your heart. :-)