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Art Experiment with Kids: Oil Pastels on Acrylic Paint

art experiment with kids oil pastel on acrylic paint

Last week, I wrote about our nature walk and how we made paint brushes from some natural material gathered during the walk. Sorry, I’ve taken so long to share the artwork we made using those brushes. I had a very busy week…

For one, we had a get-together of all Delhi homeschoolers at my place. Secondly, Pari has been learning to ride her big bicycle (without the balance wheels) and I need to be there for her. She’s been at it feverishly – starting at 8 in the morning. And, keeps going back to it through the day. I must say, she’s shown real passion and commitment to learning her cycle.

Going back to the paintings – they turned out interesting not only because of the natural paint brushes we used but also due to a fun art experiment that we tried. Check out how….

So, once I painted some textures by rolling the pearl millet (bajra – in Hindi) pod in the green acrylic colour, my mind came to a halt. Now what…! What else interesting could I try…

painting with natural material

That’s when I thought about painting with oil pastels – over and in-between acrylics.

Started off by sketching some leaves over the textured surface. Then, I filled the leaves (with oil pastels) in the colour of fall.

fall leaves painting with oil pastels and acrylic

The result was pleasing! The acrylic and the oil pastel came together so well.

oil pastels on acrylic paint

The oil pastels worked nicely over acrylic and left their own brilliant touch. I went on to highlight the outlines of the leaves with oil pastel, too.

Pari, who was painting with the wild grass brush until now, had one look at mine and she too wanted to try oil pastels over acrylic.

art craft ideas for kids India

painting with handmade natural brush

This is what she came up with:

oil pastes and acrylic art experiment for kids

Love how she played around with the word ‘leaves’ and wrote – “autem” leaves, “freash” leaves, “evergreen leaves”, “colorfull” leaves, “polished leaves”. Never mind the spellings. I think it’s the thought and expression that counts – for a budding writer…

Next up, I wanted to make a mixed-media work. But, with the same paint combination – acrylic and oil pastels.

fall leaves painting with oil pastel and acrylic

First, I painted some strokes of crimson acrylic paint – moving from concentrated strokes on the left to thinned out – toward right. As if wind is creating that effect.

Then enter the oil pastels. I drew out a tree – its branches and leaves being swept away by the wind. And the leaves flying away, gradually changing colour – from green to yellow to orange to golden..

Then comes a real leaf – collected and pressed from a nature walk sometime last year!

I wanted to juxtapose some words in the middle of the art. So, tore out – “The Day After” – from a weekend newspaper supplement.

‘The Day After’ indicating – how the leaves will all be gone in a few days.

As you can guess, this painting is more in the style of an art journal entry.

mixed media art journaling

But, can you guess over what kind of paper/card stock I made these artwork?

Did you think wedding card? Yes, you’re right! These are invitation cards from my brother’s wedding – more than 5 years back. I made the paintings on the reverse side. Whereas Pari used her art journal.

This card was inside a beautiful jacket. Want to recycle the jacket as well. Lemme figure out how…!

We’ve had fun discovering how oil pastels can work on acrylic.

Now, as I write this post, I wanted to research if other artists have done this too.

And yes! People HAVE painted with oil pastels over acrylic. They’ve figured that to make the oil pastel seal nicely with acrylic, applying a coat of varnish may be worthwhile. Read more on this.

And, a video tutorial showing how to add oil pastels to acrylic paintings.

Other thing is, since oil pastels have beeswax and mineral oil, they never dry completely. So, take care when storing them or they would smudge. You can keep them between wax paper.

Pari’s been loving oil pastels for the past few weeks.

What art material or tool is popular in your home these days? What art experiments are happening? :-)

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  • Himadri October 5, 2012, 12:21 pm

    Oooo yes soo pleasing. Love the art experiments u guys are trying these days. I loved ur mixed media artwork a lot. I am trying it as well and it’s such a wonderful stressbuster. I envy that big table though:)))))) When Mishu and I have to work on an artwork together we have to shift everything on the floor and after a while Mishu says…ouch my neck hurts!

  • obsessivemom October 5, 2012, 5:05 pm

    That was beautiful. Seems like a lot of fun.

  • Mary October 5, 2012, 8:13 pm

    This really shows that there are so many way to present art. It is beautiful, and I can wait to share with others especially children. Thank you for always sharing. Best, Mary@diligentnanny.webs.com

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