An Upcycled Artful, Musical Dice for Pari’s Birthday Party Games

by Rashmie on November 30, 2011 · 22 comments

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It's Pari's Birthday today – a very special day for me – in so many ways that I can think of. It was six years ago that this little girl came into our world changing it for ever; changing it for the best – moment by moment. 

Pari – minutes after she was born!

I always tell my family and close friends that Pari's birthday is not just hers, it's mine as well because – at the risk of sounding cliched – it was motherhood and it was 'she' that made me connect with myself,' made me a much more compassionate and creative human being and above all – evolved me in ways that I could not have fathomed six years back.

So, time to celebrate – again! We are having a party this evening and the theme is oh so delightful! It's going to be a MAD party. As in – Music, Art and Dance.

Every party has music and dance but what we're going to do is – integrate the three – art, music and dance.

The games will have a fun, collaborative art challenge with music as a key factor to inspire art. And, dance will be an extension of art and music. I will share all the stories after the party is over. :)

For our games, Pari and I converted this old cardboard box into an artful, musical dice. We're going to use this to pass it around, toss it, hang it and in many other ways.

First off, Pari played around with different types of pulses, grains, pasta, old keys, metal bangles to see which one would create the best sound when put inside the box and shaken.

After experimenting with the type and quantity and trying different permutation and combination, she decided it's the rice grains plus a few small bells that sounded the sweetest.

She didn't want anything loud and noisy. hmm..this is not quite in sync with her taste in Bollywood songs going by the happy-go-lucky Salman Khan songs and the "Katiya Karoon" variety that she drools over!

Once we got the right musical sound, we sealed the sides so the rice grains won't slither out. 

Now, we had those six sides as six canvases to paint on or do any form of art.

Pari did free-hand doodling with glitter glue.

I had her use ceramic colours to paint with because the surface of the box was glossy and laminated. Normal paint would not have stuck. Besides, ceramic colours add a translucent finish as well as pleasant texture.

I painted this with red, white and yellow ceramic colours. Overlapped one on the other layer while the previous layer was wet  – to create textures. Used glitter glue in the circle in the middle.

Now, am off to finish off rest of the work for the party that starts at 5 in the evening! Since you all cannot join us, I'll share some photos and notes – from our artful, musical gathering – in the next couple of days. Ciao!

For those of you who are new here, please make yourself comfortable and enjoy some clicks from Pari's last year's space-themed Birthday party. :)