An Eco-friendly, Cardboard Box Necklace Gift for Me and Some Gorgeous Mother’s Day Giveaways for YOU!

by Rashmie Jaaju on May 6, 2011 · 85 comments

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Dear readers, this post is very special and close to my heart in every possible way! But, please bear with me for the epic length, caused by the number of pictures I have today..! 

First off, let me share the reasons for my excitement about this post…

And, there are three exciting reasons!

  • Reason 1. The art/craft project I'm featuring today is part of a unique collaboration of 23 mommy bloggers – initiated and coordinated by my blogger friend Rachelle @ Tinkerlab. To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of her wonderful blog, Rachelle invited us – to have our kids make/do something creative out of a CARDBOARD BOX, and showcase them on our blogs. Besides featuring the cardboard project of our own kid, we are showcasing the hard-work of all 20 kidoos. So, scroll down to the bottom of the page to enjoy the exhibition of art by little hands! Rachelle, can't thank you enough for giving this wonderful opportunity to be part of this creative challenge and to connect with so many creative people!
  • Reason 2. Pari and I discussed tons of ideas to make from the cardboard box. One idea led to another and finally she decided to make something for ME as a Mother's day gift. And voila! We had the idea. How about a necklace? An eco-friendly, handmade necklace! I said, I'd LOVE such a gift. Over the next 3 days, she made it in parts. And yesterday, when it was all done, I was blown away! I've never had a prettier necklace, ever! And, more than that – a gift with as much love and hard-work as she'd put in it. 
  • Reason 3. It's been 6 months since I launched Mommy Labs. Before that too I was writing about kids and creativity but on my other blog named Gorgeous Karma, where I was also writing about green living, natural health etc. I started Mommy Labs to be able to write exclusively on creative and holistic parenting. And, I've got so much love and support from my readers that I wanted to do something special this Mother's Day – just for YOU. 

    And the special thing is – I am hosting a worldwide giveaway today, wherein, I am 
    giving/gifting three gorgeous handmade necklaces to three of my readers – mothers/daughters/grandmothers. Do not hesitate if you are not a mommy yet; you could win it for your own mother/grandmother. Okay? :) And hey, even guys can participate to win it for their mothers.

Before I showcase all the pictures – of Pari's handmade necklace as well as the necklaces for the giveaway, Pls read the 'How', 'When' and 'What' – to enter the giveaway.

How to Enter the Giveaway:

  • For your first entry, subscribe to Mommy Labs and leave a comment below in the comments section sharing with us – 
    What is the one thing you absolutely love to do whenever you have some free time for yourself. That is – your "my time".

  • For one extra/additional entry. (You may do all of these and the above to gain 4 entries in all)
    1. 'LIKE' Mommy Labs on facebook over here. Let me know below in the comments section that you did.
    2. Tweet about this giveaway with this message – 
      @MommyLabs Mother's Day Recycled Necklace Craft for Kids and a Worldwide Giveaway
    3. Blog about the giveaway and leave a link in the comments section below. Or, add a picture of the giveaway with the link in your blog side bar.

This giveaway will end on Friday, May 20 (consider End of Day Friday – whichever time zone you are in!). I'll announce the winners that weekend.

Now for the step-by-step pictures of my gift from Pari – the recycled cardboard necklace!

The best feature of the necklace – besides the fact that it's feather light and eco-friendly – is – this necklace is reversible. Each side has a unique look and theme. One side is a classy antique gold in colour with the letters "Happy Mama Day" embossed with blue glitter glue. The other side has a refreshing, flower theme with vibrant spring colours! Ah! This will complement many of my attires!

Today, after coming from school, as she tied the necklace around my neck, the moment – so nectarous, precious and melodious – will be etched in my heart, for ever. And, in her's as well – through the pictures and this story that I will keep narrating to her for ever and even to her kids! haha! 

From sketching a few designs of the necklace, to stenciling the circles with a cap, to painting and decorating them and gluing them up in a beautiful pattern – she did all by herself with some guidance and wee bit help from me. 

For the necklace, she just used one flap from this box. It's thickness and smoothness was perfect for making the necklace beads/coins.

I cut out the cardboard circles for her as they were too hard to snip for her little hands. 

She glued the first row of the beads/coins over the beautiful handmade string. I had her use a strong transparent glue. It's available in India by the name Quickfix. The remaining coins were glued over the first row and the second row to form a pyramid-like pattern.

She didn't have this pattern in mind when she started out making the coins – 12 in number. The pattern took shape when it was time to put them all together!

Some more embellishing with the glitter glue.

And, now, let me turn the spotlight on YOU. 

Here are the pictures of the giveaway necklaces – for you! These are all handmade using gorgeous chunky faceted crystal stones. The colours are a mix of bold (greyish black) and feminine (lavendar and pink). They are long so you can wear in different styles – as a single string or double string. You can have two rows hanging parallel on top of each other or you can have one row close to your neck and the other one hanging low.

I have some nice names for each as per their colour and look. (winks)

Put on Your Dancing Shoes!


Wear the Spirit of Spring!

Blend Some Creamy Love!

And some closer views…

I hope you like them. 

Hurry and enter the giveaway. (The 'how' is mentioned at the beginning of the post).

Goodluck everyone and a gorgeous Mother's Day to all!


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