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About Snowflakes, Scrap Boxes and ‘Dilli Haat’!

by Rashmie Jaaju on December 24, 2010 · 7 comments

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Santa, Christmas Tree, Stocking – the universal craft themes for this month.

And, even though these ideas have been done to death; yet they evoke the same fun and thrill each time kids get on to making them.

At our home too, all that Pari wants to make these days is Christmas Trees!

I introduced some twist for her in this theme by asking her to decorate her scrap box in the Christmas
theme. I also had her use a unique eco-friendly raw material for this craft.

This eventually turned out to be a 3-day activity done in bits and pieces.

I like keeping scrap boxes…

…not just for Pari’s sake but for my own. When I find an interesting cutting from a newspaper or a magazine, any eccentric something or even scraps left over from handmade sheets of paper (I absolutely drool over handmade paper), I like to keep them in cardboard boxes (shoe box, sweet box etc) with some revamping.

So, now was the time to get my boxes – and her’s – decorated.

Using some green coloured Saw Dust that we bought from our all-time favourite hangout – Dilli Haat, she made a Christmas tree.

Talking about ‘Dilli Haat’…

I can’t carry on without indulging in a quick narrative about this mini-India. “Mini India”, I call this place as it embodies the essence of India’s art, craft, colours and flavours. ‘Dilli Haat’ is a permanent fair in Delhi where artists and artisans from across the country gather to sell their extremely handmade creations. And, these creations are no ordinary art, I must tell you. These artisans are the cream of the crop – recognized at National and International level for their skill; for being the torch bearer of that particular craft (often – a dying craft) and for preserving India’s handmade heritage.

Gorgeous Papier Mache Crafts from the Kashmir Stall in ‘Dilli Haat’

The bonus at Dilli Haat, for a foodie like my hubby and me, is the the eclectic array of cuisines that is on offer – exotic cuisines from the North Eastern states of India, unexplored and unknown flavours from the not-so-popular regions of the South; the quirky non-alcoholic fruit beers and ofcourse –  the ubiquitous Rajasthani thali, the Punjabi platter and the South Indian meal.

hmm…I realize I digressed big time! The holiday spirit makes me chatty…!

So, using that saw dust, Pari made a christmas Tree on the cover of the scrap box. This was an evening activity. We had to let it dry and then shake off the extra dust.

Next day, after school, she added some ornaments to the tree. I let her decide and do all this on her own without any interventions. She decided to make small balls from crepe paper. And, some twinkling stars in the backdrop from glitter glue.

This box kept lying for another day without any further embelishments. But, she knew that she had to do something more to it to make it look nicer.

In the meantime, I introduced her to the art of intricate paper cutting so we could make snow flakes. As a kid, my brother and I were fascinated with making ornaments by cutting paper folded into triangles and various shapes.

For 3 days in a row, Pari and I kept making snow flakes!

She was totally enamoured by this craft. I think it was the element of surprise that makes this activity so enticing. What intricate designs you are going to see, when you unfold the paper, makes your adrenalin gush! And, the fact that each time you get a new pattern will keep you hooked for hours!

The method to make a snow flake (with six pointed sides) is pretty simple.

  1. From any rectangular piece of paper, cut a square by first folding it into an isosceles triangle.

  2. In the second step, cut off the strip of long rectangle that remains after the folded triangle.

  3. Give one more fold to the triangle

  4. Imagine the triangle in three parts. Fold the first part upward. Fold the third part downward – in a way that these two overlap each other
  5. Chop off the top part

  6. Now is the time to give wings to your imagination. Give some intricate cuts on the folded side. You can give some small nips on the other sides as well. I try to cut into different pattern each time.

Some of these snow flakes made a perfect backdrop for the Christmas tree. Others went on a handmade textured paper as a collage to decorate a wall in Pari’s room!

Christmas is tomorrow! Between other things, we will have some fun making a few more Christmas-y crafts at home.

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What are your kids making or will make for Christmas?

I would LOOOOVE to have pics of those activities from you. If I have a few pics from you all, I will love to include those in my next blog post. If you have those pics as a blog post or some where online, you can add the link in the comments section.
So, share away!

And, wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!