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Day 2 of the 30-day Leaf Art Challenge (Art and Nature Therapy)

Art and Nature Therapy for Spritual and Healthy Pregnancy

It’s second day today of the *30 day leaf art challenge (here’s the Day 1 art) and my motivation has remained upbeat – what with the gorgeous, delicate and dancing leaves of the Gulmohar tree enticing me to get going and sketch to my heart’s content! But today’s leaf art was also about keeping patience – quite a bit of it actually – for the dozens of tiny leaflets needed unblinking concentration and a steady hand. (*Read about the purpose and intention behind my 30-Day Leaf Art Therapy.)

Go on to explore about the Gulmohar tree, it’s leaves, flowers and much more. Also check out pictures from my nature walk and other tid bits.

The *Gulmohar tree is almost like an emblem of Delhi. It’s very common in most parts of Delhi. The Nehru park has some trees that flower especially brilliantly. * Also called – flame tree, royal poincina, flamboyant, gold mohur, firetree.

Gulmohar tree Delhi

According to the field guide I refer to – Trees of Delhi (it’s absolutely brilliant):

Gulmohar is an ornamental tree with a spreading, sometimes, flat-topped crown of thin, feathery foliage. Rated by some as one of the most beautiful of all flowring trees. It has all but disappeared from the wild in its original home in Madagascar but is one of the most extensively cultivated trees in tropical and subtropical climates worldwide.

The Gulmohar leaves are twice-feathered, upto 60 cm long, forming an airy canopy. A single leaf forks into 10 to 20 pairs of side-stalks. Each side-stalk bears up to 30 pairs of small, oblong, blunt-tipped leaflets.

The leaves start to yellow in November. Trees are bare through February, most of March. New leaves emerge in late March, early April. Flowers begin in late April, peaking in early May and with it the Delhi city looks decked up like an Indian bride – so gorgeous are the Gulmohar flowers! I’ve many pictures of that dazzling sight but tucked away in an external hard-drive. Will try to dig them up later and update this post. Okay? :-)

Gulmohar flower

Meanwhile, I was able to spot a lone flower amidst all the trees that I met during my nature walk. But never mind – the leaves themselves are so beautiful and ornamental, aren’t they!

It was a really exhausting day today as Avie and I got into cleaning and rearranging the home starting morning till evening. And yet, these green lovelies kept me enticed for an hour trying to capture their beauty.

30-day leaf art therapy for pregnant mothers

And here’s another one out here who’s getting inspired to draw and colour along-side me – just before heading to sleep.

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  • rachel November 8, 2015, 4:03 am

    this tree in full bloom is absolutely gorgeous! thank you for sharing!

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