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Day 3 of the 30-Day Leaf Art Challenge: Inspired by Banyan Leaves

art and nature therapy for spiritual pregnancy

Today’s nature walk around the neighbourhood was a good 60 minutes! Yes, I went pretty far looking for the tree that would catapult my mood into art. After the day-long house cleaning and rearranging yesterday, I felt the exhaustion impact my body – especially back, today. The morning yoga and breathing exercise helped, but by late afternoon I was drained and drifted into sleep. So, the walk happened only at 7 PM. Avie encouraged me to sit down for art without wasting time. He prepared rice and a potato bhaji (his first!) to go with Sambhar from today’s lunch. (am lucky to have a hubby who’s least fussy about food).

So, going back to the hour-long walk, it was the Banyan Tree and its scarlet young foliage that made my heart skip a beat. Check out today’s art and the Banyan tree pics from my neighbourhood and read some interesting tid bits about the tree itself.

This was the lone Banyan tree I found within the 2-kms range of my neighbourhood. There are more of course that I had clicked just last month but those are not within a walk-able distance – at least not when you’re tired and dragging your feet.

More about the (Indian) *Banyan Tree from the Trees of Delhi filed guide that I’ve been quoting from:

With a potentially infinite system of prop-roots, the banyan forms the most extensive crown of any plant in the world. Often beginning life on another tree as a strangler, it is capable of growing 30 m or taller and is more or less evergreen. Delhi has no outstanding specimens and has only flirted tentatively with banyan as avenue trees.
(*also called East Indian Fig tree, bargad, bargat, bor, bar)

Seasons: Leaves more or less evergreen; new flush in March-April can be strikingly beautiful because of pink tints. Figs ripen in April-May, but on some trees in late October. 

With this lovely shade of translucent pink/red, aren’t these new leaves breathtaking!

leaves of Indian Banyan Tree or Indian Fig Tree

Some of the new leaves maturing into green (though the veins are still pink). These will turn firm and leathery over time.

Banyan Leaves

And, here are the mature leaves – broadly oval with a rounded or heart-shaped base.

30-day Leaf Art and Nature Therapy Banyan Leaves

Sharing the black and white version – a step before the final touch – coloring. Which one do you prefer – the coloured version or the black and white? :-)

Leaf Art Banyan Leaves Nature Therapy

Some more about the Banyan or Bargad (Hindi name):

The Banyan has a wide range of medicinal uses – from its latex to bark to fruits and wood and even the aerial roots.

The tree is worshipped by Hindus as the male counterpart of the Peepal. It is customary to plant a silver coin under the roots of a young Banyan tree!


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  • Sunita August 5, 2013, 5:38 pm

    I am LOVING these posts (and I’m going to have to get a copy of that book!). I love how you are noticing the different qualities of each leaf and reproducing them with a personal interpretation. I always felt like my babies’ personalities influenced me while they grew in my tummy, and I wonder if you have a budding naturalist inside! I wish you all the best and look forward to learning more about the rest of the trees.

    • Rashmie August 14, 2013, 11:24 am

      Dear Sunita – I’m so sorry about this delayed response to your lovely comment. I’ve been meaning to write back sooner but with this leaf-art challenge, the little spare time that I get goes into it. So, I’ve been lagging in replying to emails and blog comments etc. and this doesn’t make me feel good…

      Am so happy that you’re liking this series. An affirmation like this means a lot. You’re right about how the baby’s personality/calling may influence the mother during and after pregnancy – I noticed that about myself when I was carrying Pari. And this time around, it’s been all the more emphatic – what with the mind space I have to connect with myself (not being in a regular job helps a ton!). I myself always had a huge inclination (to the point of obsession) for nature/rain/trees/gardening as a kid. But, the rigmarole (and school!) of life never let it bloom like the way I would have wanted. For the last few years, I’ve realized this love for trees and leaves and birds becoming more and more profound within me. Perhaps, it’s the baby whose awakening that call within me. :-)
      Thank you, Sunita, for connecting here heart-to-heart!

  • sandeep bhogra November 6, 2013, 10:42 pm

    yes – i went thru the book a few months back but this is something else. BTW i am writing this and suddenly thinking that by now you would have had your baby. write when you can – wishing for a healthy you and baby.