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About the Content and Audience at Mommy Labs

Mommy Labs is one of the fastest growing, preferred and influential blogs in India – in the parenting, education, creativity niche.

Not just in India, my blog is counted among the most admired and respected art, education and parenting blogs worldwide.  More than 50% of my readers are from the U.S.. 

The articles at Mommy Labs often go viral and invite thousands of viewers per day due to the powerful messages they convey.

These articles will give you an idea about the impact of the content I write.

Reflections on Parenting, Children, Life

Being Brave – Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

24 Questions for Every Mother

Mommy Labs receives thousands of page views every month and has an active community of readers who like to comment, share on social media and even participate when I announce collaborative projects such as these:

Earth Day Celebrations

Valentine’s Blog Hop

The readers at Mommy Labs are primarily females; and mostly 25+ mothers who are conscious parents, career women, decision makers and above all – influencers.

Many of my readers are bloggers themselves and your brand visibility in front of them is an opportunity for your message going viral.

About Engaging Readers

As the editor, owner and writer at Mommy Labs, I am passionate about creating an active community by building supportive  relationships with bloggers around the world, by participating in community projects, by attending real-life events in the blogging/parenting/education world and by using social media in the most effective manner.

This ensures that advertisers get the maximum mileage by advertising on my site.

Add to all this – my decade-long experience working in advertising, brand strategy and corporate-communications gives me the insight to put together an effective ad and communication package for your business – on my blog. A campaign that will deliver the maximum value for your money.

Mommy Labs’ Social Media Stats at a glance (as of May 31 2012):

Facebook: 1500+

Pinterest: 3100+

Twitter: 600+

If you’re interested in making your brand/business get visibility and results, contact me at rashmiejaaju [at] gmail.com

PS: Keeping the interests of my readers and the focus of my blog, I’d prefer such brands/products/services and businesses that provide creative value addition to my readers.